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  1. Shaun

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    Mang Ben and Master Elmer Ybanez. First on the clip is Master Elmer 'Working the Stick' / Serrada drill. Then Mang Ben carrying / feeding the strikes for Master Elmer in Bigay Tama two sticks against one stick and Bigay Tama stick and blad...e / dagger against baston (stick).
    Mang Ben breaks a stick during this demonstration, which is a regular occurance when Bigay Tama is done as it should be with speed and power.
  2. JoeBrandt

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    I like this video... You can see the power of Lightning:EvilGrin:
  3. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    When was this?

    It took me a minute to register that he was going lefty!
  4. Shaun

    Shaun New Member

    I believe this demo. dates back to the early 90's.

    Yes, Mang Ben was left handed.
  5. Dave F

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    What a great demo! Having met Mang Ben in 1998 at his home in Cavite, I love watching him perform and demonstrate his Lightning Scientific Arnis.

    Thanks for posting the clip.


  6. Carol

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    What is the correct pronounciation of Master Ybanez' name? Personally I would read that as EE-banez but I have also heard him referred to as AYE-banez.
  7. Ryno

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