Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Seminar.

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    I went to a Dekiti Tirsia Siradas seminar at Rising Phoenix Martial Arts Academy in Evansville, IN today. The grandmaster of the system, Jerson "Nene" Tortal, reviewed the basic stickwork striking patterns (numerada), then did some knife tapping drills (knife vs. knife and knife vs. empty-hand), then defenses against sword attacks (demonstrated against a live blade which he also used--very carefully!--when working with students, though the students themselves all used sticks or training swords), and then disarms against a two-handed spear-like thrust of the stick. He concluded with a series of demonstrations, including empty-hand and stick defenses against the staff and against a (live!) sword, as well as defenses when the hands are tied or one hand is unavailable. He also spoke a bit about the arts in the Philippines and here, which I always find interesting.

    I had a good time and learned some new things while reviewing some old things. The Dekiti Tirsia Siradas footwork is very different from what I am used to and it is always a struggle for me to take such big steps! The disarms against the thrust were especially interesting. I also got to meet some other local Modern Arnis folks and learned of an (unrelated) upcoming seminar. All in all, a good day!

    Mr. Tortal was, as usual, very generous. He recalled my instructor, Tim Hartman, and spoke well of him, and also mentioned his encounter with Prof. Presas to me. I really like Mr. Tortal. It's hard not to!

    Thanks to Messrs. Rideout and Westfall of Rising Phoenix Martial Arts Academy for hosting this event at their wonderful, spacious facility. Thanks to Mike Snow for the arrangements, and of course to Mr. Tortal for coming!
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    sounds like you had a great time.
    Learning is always an adventure that is viewed best after it happens
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    It's wonderful to hear that you had a great time and that Mr. Tortal put on a great seminar. He is coming to my school later in the fall...I can't wait to meet him and learn more. :)

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