Dekiti Tirsia Siradas and Defensive Tactics Systems of Guam expands

Discussion in 'Dekiti Tirsia Siradas' started by silat1, Jan 5, 2012.

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    I am proud to announce that the Dekiti Tirsia Siradas and Defensive Tactics Systems of Guam has expanded past the shores of the island..I have been contacted by several of my former students and groups that are affiliated with the instructors I had trained with in the Philippines to reestablish contact with my lineage of instructors and instructors who I am currently training with.. As of the time frame from July 2011 through present, the Guam representative group of Tortal Dekiti Tirsia system and the Defensive Tactics Systems of Guam has expanded with study groups and affiliated students based in the Philippines, Alaska and Maine.. This expansion comes as a result of contact as to requests in guidance for instructors and students who have been affiliated with the different Filipino Martial arts groups that have been represented by the myself over the years..

    To date this expansion covers the number of schools represented by my group to a total of six and are based in various parts of the states and overseas.. I usually don't announce the triumphs and tribulations of my specific lineages of martial arts that I teach, but in this case it is for a worth while cause.. A couple of the groups have been affiliated with me for over 20 yrs and have ventured out to spread the Defensive Tactics Systems of Guam and its training program to interested individuals..

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    Keep spreading the arts Bill, that is terrific!
  3. Brian R. VanCise

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    Excellent Bill!
  4. NAGA

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    Hello All,
    Bill is a top notch player of FMA and an all around good guy. I hope it keeps expanding for you Bill!

  5. silat1

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    Thanks for the kind words.. I want to thank you for taking me into your group when I was stateside.. I appreciate the comarade and training that you shared with this fat old bald guy who needs a walker to get on the floor for sparring. I have few friends in the martial arts and especially the arts of southeast asia and I am fortunate enough to call you one of this group of friends..

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