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    Drills that teaches a counter, recounter, & Recontradas

    Developing half beats with thrusting angles
    1. Partner A strikes 1-2 angles using fluid strikes partner B counter's with broken 1-2 strikes and counters with thrusting to the face. Between the beats of the 1-2 strikes

    The counter to the broken strike thrusts are umbrella strikes to the arms of #1 -#2 angle thrusts

    The recounter's to the the umbrella strikes upward on the arm are downward lobtiks to the top of their arm.

    1-12 Abecedario Sparring Drills:
    A. Begin by flowing with the 1-4 angles and using circular footwork.
    1. Using force to force energy: Hit into the angles
    2. Using going with the force: #1 countered by outside #2 angle
    3. Attacking angle #1 and counter with #1 inside with #2 follow up
    4. Using #2 to counter #2 followed by #1
    5. Attacking #1 to counter #2 to the wrist/forearm followed by #1
    6. Attacking #2 countered by#1 inside followed by #2

    Sparring drills
    B. Angle #1 forehand angle #2 backhand bridging movement:
    Follow ups:
    1. to vertical power shot downward to head
    3. to forehand Witik or backhand witik
    4. to forehand thrust or backhand thrust
    5. to backhand jab to punyo butt strike
    6. to #3-#4 to backhand jab
    7. to #3-#4 to backhand to #1 angle horizontal punyo
    8. to mix them all together

    Ranging drill
    Opponent strikes from long range to your lead knee with a #4 angle backhand, You meet it with a #4 angle, you shuffle in to hit the wrist with controling the elbow from under the arm and deliver a #1 angle downward and follow up with a #1 to the head using reverse triangle footwork.

    I give my thanks to Guro Jared Wihongi and GM Nene Tortal for training me in DTS. I hope that I have answered some questions about DTS? and given you an idea of it's combat effectiveness.
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    Very nice! Thanx much for your info.

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