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    In the youtube videos, there are several comments that dekiti tirsia does not ascribe to triangular footwork, instead having what they claim is a "more combatative footwork". In the videos of nene moving, he appears to be stepping on the classic 45 degree angles. How in method does the dekiti footwork differ?
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    I am no expert, but coming from Modern Arnis which heavily emphasizes the triangles I noticed in the seminars I took that DTS uses a form of footwork that tends to first step triangularly with one foot, then swing around the other foot to end up facing the opponent from his side, having turned at least 90 degrees. Frankly, it reminded me a bit of aikido!
  3. truth_be_told

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    from what seen between its counterparts, Both triangle footwork with different ranges in mind.

    DTS seem like distance range.

    Swing back foot thing keeps body in line.
    Another triangle formation of the body.

    Think like centre line also
    think like keeping less body target exposed.

    so u may have the triangle in the footwork orientation &
    u may have the triangle in the bodywork orientation
    both coordinated align potential generate powerstrike inherent.

    concept of going to opp blind spot there in.
    ie if go right side, step right leg, right shoulder aligned

    Alignment allows ROM (range of motion) for multiple attackers from your own blindspot. seem good taken care for multiple 2. hope u get what is meant.
  4. R. Mike Snow

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    Halo everyone,

    "Truth be told", you are right on.

    Biginnig the "contradas" are more circular and Medio, an exaggeration of the lines with the footwork. So the new practitioners will learn coordination, footwork and body mechanics to avoid the attack. This is why the "Arnisador" is correct that it was reminiscent of Aikido.

    But we all know that big circles are too slow for a rapid linear attack. So as you progress with the Contadas your lines with your footwork become much more linear and your distance with your training partner become more Corto. To enable you to actually control your opponents movements. The footwork is mostly semi-circular in fashion. Bending the line just far enough not to be hit. If your pull your foot, stepping back in a linear motion behind your self. After obtaining your pivot point beside or behind your opponent. You will find that it is much faster than just dragging the ball of your foot in a circular motion. Also, this allows you to avoid the sweep or even a foot trap. The "contradas" also teach how to counter the trap as you are being attacked by your opponents other hand. Multi-tasking, escaping the trap, countering the on coming attack and striking your opponent with a single fluid almost linear motion.

    As for the triancle, it is just a matter of opinion since the pionts of referense for the footwork changes with every technique. I have heard this discussion since day one, out of numerous practitioners for numrous styles. But the basis of the footwork can arguably be a triangle with three pionts of reference. However, I have been taught to use cicular footwork to generate energy in a clinch, cunter a hold, counter or even recounter a takedown.

    But, these are only my perceptions and I hope that I have conveyed my thoughs properly.
  5. dekiti

    dekiti DTS Guro

    I trained in Aikido before DTS. The footwork is indeed surprisingly similar. For example, if attack is strike no.1, move you left foot to forward left then right foot backward left. The difference that in Aikido is the feet slide while in DTS, the foot ‘steps’. The reason I think is that Aikido is practice in the dojo where there a smooth for your feet to slide on. While DTS practice anywhere like the lawn or garage where you don’t always have a smooth surface to slide on. So, it more natural to step instead of slide.
    I feel that this kind of training lead to several advantages.
    1.It is simple enough to do.
    2.In a real fight, you don’t always a smooth floor to work on. It is a better to step on an uneven surface. You don’t get stuck when you do your footwork.
    3.Stepping back prevents your leg from getting hit or cut (in case of a long blade) on a continuous downward strike.
  6. Beungood

    Beungood New Member


    If you are using this footwork, during the part where you "swing" the rear leg back it would seem that your front leg would be "weighted" and therefore leave you vulnerable to leg sweep or slow you down if you need to rnage out or in due to having to shift your weight from the front leg to the .02 cents not meant to inflame.
  7. viejo

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    mm u are not going to swing your leg back and stay there saying ""sweep me"....u will flow attack and move......
    I think it doesnt matter what kind of footwork u use, there will be always a moment were u can be sweep.....
  8. Beungood

    Beungood New Member


    No im not saying that they are waiting just thinking of how the legs are weighted. But I am reading this and not seeing it. Is there a clip of this somewhere? Sometimes it's tough reading of a technique and not actually seeing it or misinterpreting it.

  9. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hello Jack,

    I totally see your point. Please give me a few days to dig some video up. Please forgive me for the delay, but I live in a low speed "dial up" internet area and I'm out of town till the weekend.

    God Bless, Mike
  10. viejo

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  11. viejo

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    were u able to see something in Youtube?? NO negative or positive comments???
    For me would be intersting to read what u say...
    Thanks and regards
  12. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hello everyone,

    Matt is working with the web hosting company right now to get the video clips I have promised for months, streaming for everyone to view and enjoy.

    These video clips are perfect examples of GM Nene's superb execution of footwork.

    God Bless, Mike
  13. Navadisha

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    This sort of movement is old school blade FMA not always seen anymore. The angling step is often to put the body in the least compromised position for any potential followup strikes from your attacker(should you not succeed in your attack/counter).
    And the foot "swing" is very common in old styles as well.
    Remember, this is for large blades. Blocking them would not be quick enough. Better to just move the leg out of the way keeping the blade/sheild available for protecting the torso. The "swing" is only temporary and not an actual placement. Watch videos of the Romo's or old clips of Tatang and you will see vistiges of this movement.
    And yes, DTS has much of this old school blade work as well.
    "Shameless plug" Or come to my seminar at John's DTS school end of this month and we can compare.
  14. silat1

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    Shameless plug" Or come to my seminar at John's DTS school end of this month and we can compare

    Still working the marketing angle for your seminar, Huh?

    Trust me, after working with Navadisha aka Steve and Mushtaq in different aspects of the IMA/FMA, this seminar would be one to dust off the midwest brain freeze of the winter..

    These two individuals are top notch instructors and have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they are willing to share. The Midwest Kodekan instructors in Chicago are part of the circle of guys I met while I was stateside and who I can say are friends.

    There Steve, shameless plug from the fat old bald guy who escaped from the winter cold back to the island of gilligan.
  15. R. Mike Snow

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    Can't wait!

    Everything about the Navadisha seminar at John's place sounds great, except for that lake effect snow and subzero Spring temperatures. Please don't make fun of the guy wearing an Eskimo parka in the middle of the class, that'll be me. Or my footwork with the tennis racquets tied to the bottom of my shoes...... So I don't mysteriously disappear in the snow walking from my truck. [​IMG]

    God Bless, Mike
  16. Navadisha

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    Dude, I just got back from 5 days in Sunny Los Angeles at the WEKAF Nationals, shorts and 70's. Quite the abrupt slap coming home to a blizzard.
    The racquets could help your footwork though.

    My boy got two national titles too btw, woohooo (small gloat).
  17. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hey Steve,


    Just in case it's snowing in the school, I think I will leave the racquets on. It will keep me stepping the old school way, that's for sure........ Wonder if John still does his Winter traveling to teach class the old school way?[​IMG]

    See ya soon, Mike

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