Defense Methods - Edge Weapon Awareness & Readiness

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    My own selfish plug...

    Although rooted in the FMA, this seminar will offer a less than traditional approach to self preservation tactics against a blade wielding attacker. Based on the simple principles of “Clear, Counter and Control” along with Gross Motor Skills, attendees will find the effectiveness and learning efficiency of this seminar a true eye opener!


    Primer Notes
    Passing Dynamics
    Draw Point Disruptions
    Transitional Controls
    Failure to Recovery
    Back Ups
    Matched & Unmatched Attacks

    Cost: $60.00 PPD by May 1st! $75.00 Door
    Date: Saturday May 13, 2006
    Time: 2-6pm
    Location: Bakbakan Martial Arts
    95 B Dell Glen Ave.
    Lodi, NJ 07655
    Contact GuroJohn at for payment details.

    Participants are REQUIRED to bring no less than the following safety/training equipment: safety goggles, mouthpiece, cup and training knife.

    *Additional equipment consideration: BOXING/SAFETY HEADGEAR

    Note: ALL drills conducted in this seminar are based on impact and/or contact including simulations that will not only hone your skills but strengthen your mindset!

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    I will be sharing some “Stress Point” exercises. Therefore, participants are encouraged to wear clothing with pockets such as jeans. Sweats MUST have pockets.
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    Sorry for got to add this...

    For payment convenience a PayPal button was created on If you do not have PayPal but would like to get the pre-registered rate, please send an e-mail confirmation with full name and contact information to or by May 1st.
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    be sure to give us a full update on how the event goes and include pics
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    While the turnout was smaller than expected, it did provide a more personable environment for instruction. I started my presentation with the primer notes. The notes covered everything from the development stage, categories of training, my philosophy, principles and goals of my program to other general keys areas such as identifying threat levels, defining the delivery mechanisms and types of deliveries, the do’s and don’t etc.

    I basically used my category of threat levels to drive the presentation starting with stress point exercises. The purpose of these exercises was to simply point out the mental & physical stress points that can affect the efficiency of drawing and opening a knife and how to use it against an assailant. And how it can be used against you should the knife be your EDC. Without getting into much detail, I then turned to Passing Dynamics from body mechanics, mobility and timing to parries, blocks and deflections. Next, I covered Transitional Controls. Some of these methods stem from Greco Roman wrestling. I explained how to find them, transfer with incidental strikes and utilize “point in place” striking which I define as effective striking without losing the effectiveness of those controls. I then moved on to confrontational and situational scenarios, elevating the training by demonstrating how to recover from failed defenses. Other topics I reviewed were Unmatched Attacks (left vs. righty) and introduced Back-Ups (use of clothing and equalizers).

    Here are some pics:

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