Deadly Typhoon hits the Philippines

Discussion in 'General' started by PG Michael B, Jun 22, 2008.

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    Yeah i was there. We didn't have it quite as bad where i was in Bacolod but it was pretty bad. It's a shame what happened with that ship. I am not sure but i heard it was overloaded. I saw it there on one of the local TV shows but wasn't sure it was there or whatever because they were speaking the local language but i later figured it out. No matter what scientists do we can mess with Mother Nature. I was worried about my flight out of Bacolod and Manila but after seeing that it put things in perspective. We should all say a prayer for those people lost in the storm, i know i will.
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    According to the ABS-CBN tv news out of Manila, this ship had 12 tons of insecticide in it's cargo hold when it went capsized.. The divers went in to the wreck and all they found were bodies.. The intel that I got said that they separated the dead into 3 categories.. One for adults, one for children and one for body parts.. I will keep the group informed as I get intel from both abs-cbn and family in the area north of manila
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    Salamat Bill....
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    Thanks Bill for the updates!
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    For many of us the Philippines is like a second home. My wifes family is from there, my teachers and friends....lets help out.

    Very sad indeed...give what you can, if you can...salamat
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    From the latest updates that I have, the central visayas was hit hard by this typhoon.. I found out that Iloilo was devastated, my wife has several coworkers who have family there and we have been getting updates from them (as sporadic as they are).. There is a big push to get clothing and other necessities to the survivors of this disaster.. Let's help all we can, My family and friends are putting together several boxes of stuff to send there..

    Will keep informed as things progress
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    The effects of this typhoon are far from over:


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