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    Sorry I realized that my gloves are street hockey, not field hockey.... either way they arent padded too much or too little. I think I may go for thinner gloves for the next gathering but am a little bit leary because I need to be able to type at work, lol.
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    Woof All:

    Concerning DBMA, stickfighting, empty hand, and self defense:

    Personally, one of the reasons that as a fighter I focused on double stick was precisely because empty hand I fight with both hands ;-) and I do believe in the Kali claim of EH movement being like the movement of the weapons.

    Often this point of view is questioned as to why if such is the case that we haven't seen Kali in the Cage. For a fuller discussion of this point, please see the long article I posted at http://dogbrothers.com/phpBB2/index.php?topic=597.0

    For the moment right here right now, I will simply offer that if you have not hit uncooperative people with sticks (or aluminum knives, etc) before in the adrenal state, then in an empty hand situation you are unlikely to go to these movements for the first time. OTOH, if you have hit people with sticks, then these movements make sense to you in a different way.

    The Adventure continues,
    Crafty Dog

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