DBMA Winter Camp Jan 21-22 Los Angeles

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    DBMA Winter Camp with Punong Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny
    When: January 21-22
    Where: "The Academy" Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills (This is Rigan Machado and Martin Wheeler's school-- it is very nice!) For those not from the area, Beverly Hills hotels can be rather pricey (think Eddie Murphie in Beverly Hills Cop!) so for those so inclined the plan is for people to stay in the Hermosa Beach area and share rides to The Academy.
    What: "Die Less Often Anti-Knife"
    Price: to be decided; as always, discount for LEO/Military/ and DBMA Assn members

    The Knife/Anti-Knife material has evolved quite a bit in recent years, and now includes quite a bit more than the Dog Catcher. Whereas normally in a weekend seminar DLO Dog Catcher is but 1/2 day so as to cover Real Contact Stick Fighting, Kali Tudo, etc. the focus here will be anti-knife in a DBMA playful "If you see it taught, you see it tested" way. We want you to go home with your game lastingly improved!

    The progression will be good for all backgrounds: those with little to no knife background, law enforcement, military, as well as seasoned weaponry players.

    Attendance will be limited to 30.

    Details to follow soon
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    Woof All:

    As related in our "Die Less Often" DVD, many years ago I had a conversation with Don Pentecost, the author of the legendary booklet "Put 'em down, take 'em out-- knife fighting techniques from Folsom Prison". When asked about technique Don explained to me "There is no technique. You steel yourself up. You pump him until he is dead. Then you bind your wounds."

    This is the insight of the "prison sewing machine" knife attack. (See federal corrections officer Dogzilla demonstrate it in n at 04:22 ) and for me, Pentecost's words were a moment of satori.

    I realized I had not understood my anti-knife training with this primal reality in mind and set about rectifying it. Thus was born around the year 2000 "the Dog Catcher" and in 2006 we released the first of the DLO series. Since then the research and testing has continued and it has now reached what feels to me to be a very good moment to lay down the matrix. Thus, the subject of this year's DBMA Winter Camp is "Anti-knife, anti-knife, and anti-knife". in which we will be joined by guest instructor Ed Calderon (more about Ed below)

    WHEN: January 21-22. The start time for the Saturday class will be at 17:00 (5PM) i.e. after the close of regular classes, until 22:00 (10PM). Note that this means if you are flying in, then arriving earlier in the day on Saturday is an option-- you will not need to have a hotel/motel for Friday night. Sunday's training will begin 09:30 and close around 16:30 or 17:00.

    WHERE: "The Academy" in Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills (This is Rigan Machado and Martin Wheeler's school-- one block west of La Cienega Blvd.) Obviously, Beverly Hills is a very expensive area (think Eddie Murphy in "Beverly Hills Cop") so for those so inclined the plan is for people to stay in the Hermosa Beach area and share rides to the Academy. Once you sign up for the Camp we will give you the contact info for hotels that we suggest in the Hermosa Beach area. Also there will be a thread on DBMA FB where attendees can communicate with each other to coordinate ride sharing and related matters.

    • $250 General Admission
    • 10% discount for members of the DBMA Association. Coupon Code: WC10
    • 20% discount for Law Enforcement. Coupon Code: WC20
    • 25% discount for active duty military and combat veterans. Coupon Code: WC25
    To ensure you get plenty individual attention, various DBMA Guros will be in there and attendance will be limited to 30 people, so you would be wise to register now!

    Since the release of the first of the "Die Less Often" DVD/download series some ten years ago http://dogbrothersgear.com/DVDs-Downloads/ the DLO material has evolved considerably (including "Trauma Care" and "CQ Pistol") and continues to do so.
    Among the things covered at the Camp never before seen on DVD will be:
    • The "Arfful Dodger"--solving the live hand whether it seeks to push or to grap;
    • Using Kali Tudo MMA to functionalize the Dog Catcher
    • The Dog Catcher for Prison Sewing Machine Ice Pick as well as Hammer Grip knife attacks;
    • What to do when control of the knife arm is achieved-- a matrix of attack ideas;
    • Getting to the back and what to do when you get there;
    • When surprise overwhelms your trained initial response: the Instinctive Block into an over hook-- bringing "The Rico" to bear for anti-knife-- and the "Grounded Rico" for when things fall to the ground;
    • Plan Z-- the Tenio DeCuerdas variation: You've messed up--he has grabbed you;

    All of these and more will be shown in the context of the "Die Less Often" matrix: long range and close quarter Kali Fence, cues of criminal assault, rules of engagement, etc.
    There will be plenty of time for friendly dynamic play!

    The nature of the progression means that this Camp is available for all backgrounds:

    • LEO, Military, Bodyguards, Doormen, etc;
    • Seasoned martial artists wanting to make sure their Art is real;
    • Inexperienced people wanting to get right to the nitty gritty of anti-knife.

    We will be joined by Guest Instructor Ed Calderon. For those of you not familiar with him, Ed has a very interesting background in unusual knife fighting systems and in fighting the narco cartels (both in uniform and undercover) in northern Mexico. He has extensive, unusually deep knowledge of criminal knife tactics. With my own background in Mexico over many years (e.g. training the SWAT team for a federal prison various times) I had a visceral appreciation of the extraordinary deception and hands on violence and brutality of Mexico's narco wars- so, knowing of his background in unusual knife systems and the narco wars of Mexico, when I had a chance to meet Ed I jumped on it.

    Since then we have trained together various times and I can say this: Ed is a very rare combination of formidable skill with the knife which is informed by hard won knowledge, understanding, and experience of criminal knife tactics. I have made a point of getting together with him as often as I can since then for my own growth.

    In DBMA we begin with "primal probabilities first" but from there we must connect them with the understanding of criminal mind and tactics. I promise Ed's time with us will be invaluable!!! What he is willing to commit to print can be found here: http://www.recoilweb.com/violence-happens-79905.html and here: https://www.facebook.com/edsmanifesto/?pnref=story

    In closing I would to say that I envision this Camp as being a real encapsulation of a block of material I have been working on for about 18 years and I feel fired up to really make a definitive statement of this area of DBMA. In that the Camp is dedicated to anti-knife (contrast a seminar where my time is divided between many areas of DBMA) my mission is that you to go home different than when you arrived.

    Walking as warriors for all our days!
    Punong Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny

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