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  1. Crafty Dog

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    Woof All:

    At long last I have received the fine edit from our editor for "Die Less Often 3"-- the exact name of which remains to be determined.

    With a bit of luck we will finish the edit next week, and then it will be time to develop the DVD box cover and send it all off to the duplication house.

    DLO 1: Gabe Suarez and I introduced our understanding of the Gun, Knife, and EH paradigm. Gabe Suarez showed his gun thinking and I showed the Kali Fence and the Dog Catcher. Then we put people to the test in vigorous FOF. A key goal was to show just how functional even intro levels of the Kali Fence and DC can be.

    DLO 2: Gabe focused more on the range and footwork issues for a gun man vs. the knife, and I added some additional details on Kali Fence, the Dog Catcher, and related footwork. The DVD concludes with vigorous FOF testing.

    Having focused on what can be quickly imparted in DLO 1 and 2, in DLO 3 I focus on the deeper understandings of really applying the Kali Fence and the material that springs from it.

    The Adventure continues,
    Guro Crafty
  2. lhommedieu

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    Looking forward to it. I liked DLO 1 and 2.

    Gabe Suarez also has a DVD out called "Advanced Close Range Gunfighting" that has some interesting ideas about combining FMA footwork with pistol craft. Worth a look at.


  3. Brian R. VanCise

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    Cool! [​IMG]
  4. imas560

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    Hello all,
    Is "Advanced Close Range Gunfighting" where he showed the Pekiti take off step utilising a handgun?
    Can't remember if the dvd also covered application of in-quartata using a handgun, if so I hazily recall that he mentioned MAA James Keating and his depiction with the bowie (from the ABC set). So much great stuff so little time.


  5. Crafty Dog

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    ACRG is very good and indeed I am proud to have contributed the use of the DB stickfighting "kangaroo" (the drop seen in both these clips) to Gabe's repertoire. The kangaroo for us has its origin in the way Top Dog did his knee attacks.

    Concerning his use of the PT TO:

    In my understanding, there are two basic ways of doing the PT TO:

    a) as demonstrated by Top Dog in the Footwork DVD in our first series-- basically "coil and explode"; and

    b) what we have taken to calling the "drop step TO" i.e. where one foot drops back on the initial motion.

    Gabe likes the latter and I used to as well. I do use it still on certain specific occasions (e.g. in our Kali Tudo 1 DVD see the "shielded take off" response to the MT leg kick) but due to the influence of Chris Gizzi overall I have come to prefer not dropping the foot back.

    Chris was a standout linebacker for the Green Bay Packers and trained with me for about 18 months (he can be seen in Kali Tudo-1) and then I trained with him in improving my athleticism for about two years. (BTW he coaches for the Nike Combine for the NFL and I have watched him train various NFL players).

    Chris has persuaded me that the drop step take off is good, but that there is better. He has persuaded me that there can be significant risk of breaking traction with the drop step. I now teach what he showed me.

    Anyway, returning to the subject of the thread, note that the Kali Fence I teach in our DLO material is, in essence, a pre-load of the coil of the "coil and explode" version of the PT TO. The KF can also be seen as an understanding of a position/posture from Bukti Negara Pentjak Silat.
  6. Crafty Dog

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    Just had a full day of editing with Night Owl and we are scheduled to finish next Tuesday.
  7. Crafty Dog

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    I am quite pleased to announce that I have just received permission from Kaju Dog to use footage we shot of him at our DB Tribal Gathering teaching some emergency medicine treatment for gun and knife wounds (KD was a combat medic with the Marines in some of the hairiest battles in Iraq.)
  8. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Cool! Getting someone with real experience is always a great plus!
  9. gagimilo

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    Excellent addition! It seems to be a segment quite often disregarded in that field of video instruction.
  10. Crafty Dog

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    We are in negotiations with a provider to set up some trauma bags (i.e. for gun, knife, burns etc) that we can sell set up to Kaju Dog's criteria.
  11. Crafty Dog

    Crafty Dog Active Member

    Night Owl and I finished the edit today and I should have the final master in my hands next week-- along with the promo clip. My wife has begun to work on the boxcover.
  12. Crafty Dog

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    "Die Less Often 3"
    featuring Guro Crafty Dog
    assisted by Poi Dog

    In the triple disc "Die Less Often"
    we began sharing our take on "the Interface of Gun, Knife, and Empty Hand". We introduced threat management, "the Kali Fence", weapon access issues, pre-emption/interception tactics and techniques, reactive techniques ("the Dog Catcher"), and tested them all full force in Force-on-Force drills using people who had trained in the material for only a day and a half in order to show that the material had a practical primal state foundation that could be installed to good effect in remarkably short order.

    In DLO 2,
    the focus shifted to accessing a gun during a knife attack. Here the focus discerning whether one needed to deal with the knife attack before accessing the gun, or whether to use range control, angle, and certain footwork to go for the gun before the knife attack arrived. Again, this was tested in Force-on-Force drills.
    Having shown dynamic testing of the fundamentals structures, in DLO 3 we turn to a deeper study of the particulars of managing unknown contacts/threat management, the Kali Fence, the angular brachial stun, how to start the fight by getting to your intended attacker's back while denying/controlling his potential for weapon access, weapon neutralization, (capture, disarm, and/or receiver grip) and much more.
    DLO 1 showed the big picture of some material we think to be pretty sharp and really practical -- now DLO 3 gives the little details and fill in your matrix of options that deepen your understanding and raise your ability to apply the material in ever more challenging situations.

    If you are in the military and dealing with potential hostiles up close, in law enforcement, corrections work, security work, door work, or if you simply want to have these understanding for yourself as you "walk as a warrior for all your days".


    The order form should be up later today.
  13. Crafty Dog

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  14. Crafty Dog

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    After a long series of misadventures, the master is finally in our hands and we are working on the box cover.
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  16. Crafty Dog

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    Our webmaster has bravely dug through the snowdrifts to get the clip up at www.dogbrothers.com
  17. Crafty Dog

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    DLO 3 is in and will begin shipping in the next few days!
  18. Crafty Dog

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    DLO 3 has been shipping for about ten days now.

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