DBMA Double Stick Virtual Class with PG Crafty Dog 5/23

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    Join us this Sunday for class via Zoom! We are very excited to say we are now able to do online classes as well as private training sessions. We have class tomorrow from 1:30PM-3:00PM.

    Most of us with a background in the FMA have spent a goodly amount of time doing siniwali patterns. The overwhelming majority of the them, unlike a fight, have both people mirroring each other while going Right, Left, Right, Left, etc.

    This class will be about "Breaking the Mirror" i.e. operating in non-matching structures that somehow mesh up.

    Pre-requisite skill set: Heaven Six and Redondo Six siniwali patterns

    The class will be taught by Punong Guro Crafty Dog Marc Denny. He will be sharing some of his favorite material for developing functional double stick fighting.

    $20 via PayPal or Venmo.
    DM me for payment and password details.
    The link is here below;



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