DAV - 25 year anniversary seminar with Datu Kelly Worden was a great success!!!

Discussion in 'Modern Arnis' started by Datu Dieter, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Hello all,

    this weekend we had the 25 year anniversary seminar of the DAV with Datu Kelly Worden as a guest instructor.

    It was a great event.

    First we had black belt examinations (10 for 1st Dan and 3 for 2nd Dan) and then the seminar.

    Almost 200 seminar participants made it the biggest DAV event ever !!
    See a picture of the participants here:


    In the evening we had a buffet dinner and the a little gala night, where we showed the 25 year history of the DAV in a power point presentation. We honored a few longtime members and had a few demonstrations, and informed everybody about the future events, so also the Modern Arnis healing camp in Buffalo was covered in great detail, before we went celebrating with some good old time dance music till early in the morning.

    Next day another great seminar from Kelly and then everybody left the event happy to have been part of one of the best and biggest DAV events ever.


    Datu Dieter

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    Sounds like a blast! Question Datu. In the write up you linked to, you mentioned an updated knife defense curriculum in your overall Modern Arnis system. What did you change/add? Can you provide some insight into how it was developed?

    Thanks in advance!
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    well, mainly the knife tapping drill was restructured.
    We did knife tapping before, but now we have a 5 level structure (1st to 5th dan, each 1 level), where we join many things together .

    It has tradition in the DAV, that we look at different parts of our program and when we think, we can improve it, we work on it and restructure.

    We did that with the Sinawali, with the disarming techniques, with the empty hand locks, with stick takedowns, with the stick drills (Tapi-Tapi), with concepts of knife defense and now also with the knife tapping drill.

    We have a technical commission out of 8 people that meets once ort twice a year, where we discuss and structure things, when we see the need for it.

    But that does not mean, that we make the techniques better, but that we restucture teaching methods in a didactical and methodical way, that may be better suited for Europeans, than the way we may have learned it.

    Also, we decide, if we incorporate things what the different Masters that we have invited here in Germany taught, into the proram or if we leave it out of the examination curriculum.

    I hope that helps

    Greetigns from Germany

    Datu Dieter Knnüttel
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    It definitely does. Thanks for taking the time!

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