Datu Kelly s. Worden in Michigan.

Discussion in 'Seminars & Camps' started by The Boss, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. The Boss

    The Boss I am the Law! Supporting Member

    Kelly Worden will be teachind a seminar November 18th and 19th.

    If you have not had a chance to train with him before and live close to Michigan here is your chance.

    Here is the breakdown of the event.

    November 18th Friday
    Wortac knife pre-registration only 50.00 bucks 6-9pm

    November 19th Saturday
    Single and double stick, stick and knife, Renegade JKD/Trapping hands, and NSI Kuntao.
    75 at the door or 65 pre-registered prior to Saturday.

    Contact loki@lokiland.org to sign up or for any questions.
  2. bill

    bill New Member

    Where in Michigan will he be?

  3. Bill Bednarick

    Bill Bednarick Junior Member

    The seminar is in Traverse City.

    Here is a link to the flier.

    Thanks for posting the seminar Boss!
  4. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    If you are in the great state of Michigan and you
    want some training, come on up and join us for
    some Modern Arnis with Kelly Worden !

    Brian R. VanCise
  5. bill

    bill New Member

    this has been cancelled.
    No reason has been given that i am aware of.. but emails were sent out last night cancelling/postponing this event.

  6. sames

    sames New Member

    This raises a question for me... is there any centralized website somewhere that lists all of the various FMA seminars/camps/events? A lot of time its just really hard to know what's going on... let alone know far enough in advance to actually plan around it. FMATalk has a 'Calendar' button but it only has birthdays... perhaps people could start posting events that they know about on there?
  7. Rich Parsons

    Rich Parsons Member

    This close to the holiday's and also with the threat of the Bird Flu, there could be people sick or people worried about being sick, or money or, conflicts that were just not listed. The report I read on MartialTalk, stated they would reschedule in March time frame.

    As to a central location, we could hope this site becomes the central location over time.
  8. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    I know that this could be a great site to post FMA related
    seminars and acitivites. I for one will be posting my
    seminars here and hopefully others will as well.

    Brian R. VanCise
  9. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Yes, please do! I hope everyone will make great use of the Events fora.

    Consider making sure that the art/location/date info. is in the subject line so people will know what's near them!

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