Datu Hartman's Calinfornia Tour, September 6 - 14, 2014

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    Datu Tim is one of the world’s leading instructors in the Presas Family Combat systems of Modern Arnis and Kombatan. What’s not commonly known is that he is one of the senior students of Balintawak legend, GM Ted Buot. Hartman was one of only two people allowed to teach the Bacon-Buot Balintawak in the seminar format.

    Datu Hartman’s seminar tour will cover the following topics:
    • Balintawak
    • EDT - Edged Weapons Defensive Tactics
    • Presas Arnis
    • TUSK - Tactical Use of Stick & Knife

    Don’t miss this training opportunity!

    For more information on the tour contact Datu at datutim@gmail.com

    Here are the confirmed seminars at this time.

    Sept 6
    6th FMA Beach Seminar
    Pope Beach
    South Lake Tahoe

    Sept 9
    Island Warriors Martial Arts
    1027 Alabama St.
    Vallejo, CA

    Sept 11
    Dragon MMA
    3760 Sonoma Blvd.
    Vallejo, CA 94589

    Sept 13
    FitFight Inc.
    1586 Market Street
    San Francisco, CA 94110

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