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    I hope this is where I can get info on Dan Inosato. I know he is known as a student of Bruce Lee but I'm interested in his FMA background. Can some share info on him. Thank you.
  2. Charlie

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    Pretty much think of anyone major in Filipino Martial Arts Master Inosanto has trained with him. He has devoted a lot of his life and time in the Filipino Martial arts and with such sacrifice he has gained a very high skill level and much deserved respect in the Filipino Martial Arts community. I know he has trained with Grandmaster Angel Cabales, Grandmaster Giron, all of the Doce Pares Grandmaster he trained with Jonny Lacoste a filipino martial arts instructor in Stockton, He has trained with Master Dentoy Revillar, Grand Tuhon Sayoc, Grandmaster Edger Salute, I know he trained with the Villibrille clan I don’t know who or what extent, he has trained with the Inosanto Clan again don’t know with who or what extent, He has trained with Grandmaster Remey Preses, and so many more I am not thinking of. I am sorry and did not mean any disrespect for my spelling errors I am typing this out on my phone.
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    Thats a great start. If you can find a copy of his now out of print book, The Filipino Martial Arts, he lists his teachers. I think Charlie nailed most of them but left out Leo Gaje.
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    Ah yeah I did forget Leo Gaje sorry I was just coming off the top of my head. I know he has trained with a lot more just cant think of all of them pretty much name a style and a master he has done something with he does it the right way stays out of the politics and tries to promote every system equally.

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    This is an unofficial partial listing of Guro Dan's FMA influence (I will omit their titles/rank): Floro Villabrille, Ben Largusa, Ciriaco Canete, Edgar Sulite, Leo Gaje, Emil Saturion (last name may be mispelled), Sam Tendencia, Jack Santos, Juanito LaCoste, Gilbert Tenio, Angel Cabales, Max Sarmiento, Lucky Lucaylucay, Graciano Lontayao. There are more to add to this list but the above are what I can recall a this time.

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