Dallas Fort-Worth Texas Bayani Warrior Training Group Session

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    Bayani Warrior is returning to Dallas-Fort Worth Texas for our next Training Group session in October!

    What we will cover:

    -Bayani Warrior Stick and Dagger Cycle 1 Targeting Set Counts 1 through 18
    -Bayani Warrior Stick and Dagger Cycle 1 counts 1 through 18.
    -Knife Cycle 1
    -Blasquez Set (Walls as Weapons)

    Time: 11 AM to 5 PM
    Cost: $210.00 per person
    Location: Flagpole Hill Park 8100 Doran Circle, Dallas, TX

    For more info contact Training Group Leader James Lowery at bayani.warrior86@gmail.com

    Check out a video of the DFW Training Group here:

    Guro Mike Pana
    Bayani Warrior Group LLC


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