D.A.R.T Direct Action Response Knife premiere ! featuring Kuya Doug Marcaida

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    Doug Marcaida or "Kuya Doug" as he is affectionally known has over 20 years of Filipino Martial Arts and is an impact weapons specialist with military and law enforcement training as a contractor with his programs. He host, "By the Edge" with Funkertactical and Kalisong1 as his media pages. He has designed knives based on his Dark series, Direct Action Respones kNifes and this seminar will focus on the unreleased Dart blade from Fox knives of Italy. Please contact Alan Sanidad of Tryumph Academy of Martial Arts via email tryumphacademy@gmail.com.

    When October 25th 2014 10am - 4pmSaturday @ Tryumph Academy of Martial Arts
    October 26th 2014 Sunday 10am-4pm @Silverback Academy

    Check out the Dart knife in action with Kuya Doug on youtube. Please subscribe to his youtube channel Kalisong1
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    Doung definitely has some interesting videos out there. I've aiways wondered what his FMA background was, any chance you have his bio?
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    I believe it is Pekiti Tirsia, Kali de Leon, and San Miguel Escrima.

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