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Discussion in 'General' started by Dawn, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Dawn

    Dawn New Member

    If something is not quite right, or there's some kind of misunderstanding, is it Filipino (martial arts) culture to avoid talking about it with the person involved and just go by "pakiramdaman" or feeling your way into making things right and just (hopefully) wait for it to pass?
  2. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    I think its more into Filipino culture itself rather than our martial culture.
    In my family, we have this habit of not apologizing. We just assume that it is O.K. the next day.
    I hope i don't offend anyone but in my opinion that is way there is so much politics in FMA. We Filipino's have to much pride and some think losing face is the worse. Showing kindness and hospitality to a fellow FMAtist is a sign of weakness.
    If this is happening to you, ask questions. I know to some it will sound rude or confrontational but as long as you explain your situation i don't think there will be a problem. At least you won't be in the dark.
  3. Dawn

    Dawn New Member

    Ohh, that explains a lot, thanks. Maybe not kindness, but humility. How to be humble without portraying weakness. Maybe it's more difficult for a senior person.. how does one admit to a wrong without losing face.. Never. Thanks Phil. I think I know what to do now. :)
  4. bentit

    bentit New Member

    Yep, this is so Filipino. Not just the martial arts, but the culture itself. I can cause some frictions with foreigners since other cultures are more confrontational(especially western cultures). Try talking to the person. Some might take their feelings to the heart and won't forget about it the next day. This kind of behavior can leave life long scars in your friendship.
  5. citom

    citom New Member

    Wow! Sounds like Claudine Barreto and Angel Locsin! :D
  6. Nakiko

    Nakiko New Member

    Wish I could help you ther, but I am NEVER wrong. Once I thought I was, but I was MISTAKEN! ;p

    Seriously though... It all kind of depends. There is filipinos on 2 sides of my family, and they both look at it from different points.. almost opposite. Maybe because one side is from the burros and the other is from a line of upper class dons, but either way, I think you always have to take into consideration the situation you are in and the players involved, then decide the best route... I think it is more of a human thing than a cultural specific one... just my $.02

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