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Discussion in 'Marksmanship Arts' started by equilibrium, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Shaun

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    The clip looked to me like he got his weapons mixed up(pistol,not blade),and that he nearly blew his hand off.
  2. Jack Latorre

    Jack Latorre Siyam

    Hello All--

    I am of the opinion that an educated shopper and practitioner of firearms training will have (and already had) debunked the technique shown. However if folks wish to practice the technique despite what is said, then what can be done but an internet "shrug of the shoulders"?

    I practice Pekiti-Tirsia.

    I practice sagang labo.

    I would never attempt this drill/application with a firearm for all the reasons stated. It is a good drill, but not one designed with firearms in mind. Stick? Yes. Sword? Yes. Knife? Yes. Perhaps pieces of the drill may be extrapolated but not in the way demonstrated. And I would not want the general public thinking that Pekiti-Tirsia practitioners have no clue how to use a firearm responsibly....because many do use firearms responsibly and effectively, regardless of affiliation.

    The topic of responsibility that PG Blackgrave brings up is a salient one...one that should resonate whenever techniques are shown on video to the public.

    The clip is worth showing however, even if only for folks to make their own opinions known in the most civil ways.


    Jack A. Latorre
  3. equilibrium

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    You guys are the same ones saying I can't do high retention with an auto since my shirt is going to get caught in the slide. I have done it quite a bit and it doesn't happen. Just because I have many times done what you say is impossible doesn't mean anything.

    Segung lebo moves in period.... Don't tell me to leave and find cover or be like the gun idiots and just blast away thinking that bullets can safely put down a guy plunging a knife in pakal at close range before he sticks it in me. I think the americans learned that in the phillipines a long time ago.

    I have shot that same revolver thru the pocket in my jeans(knee, anti grab or no time to pull it out) Maybe I am the pathfinder who can tell you what is possible. You feel uncertainty the first time you do something, like grab the slide of an automatic to stop the slide. After you do it a few times, it is like childs play. And then you post it and people tell you it is dangerous and you will hurt your hand big time. Nonsense. Gun courses are super concerned about liability and they also teach to the lowest common denominator.

    This is advanced so treat it that way.

    When I roll my knives in sak sak they are far apart. When I see tuhon gaje do it they are quite close together. Should I tell him that what he is doing is impossible, dangerous or irresponsible? Or should I realize he knows what he can and cannot do and has probably been doing it since before I was potty trained.

    As for shooting my arm off, I have a method to deal with that. And let me tell you, if there is another person involved you are not in control of when your arm might cross the muzzle, so you need to have a method of shooting that deals with when you can shoot and when you won't.

    Anyway, I reject the comments and stand behind this technique. I wouldn't teach a class to beginners on this and then do range time with them though...
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  4. Jack Latorre

    Jack Latorre Siyam

    "Pedestrians" are those who walk.

    People who chose not to shoot their own hand off are called "sensible".
  5. equilibrium

    equilibrium Member

  6. equilibrium

    equilibrium Member

    shooting off your hand

    And actually, it appears in the video that I am crossing my arm with the muzzle. I am not, it only appears that way.

    Since I am moving the gun like a knife, as I move the gun back and forth like a thrust the muzzle moves away from the arm as it goes over and under. I did it with a laser and could post it if it was worth the time. (actually I have a method to deal with that but in this case I wasn't)

    You guys like to criticize but you really are just making snap judgements with without much research or consideration.

    This will probably be my last post on this subject since with these attitudes I am not interested much in sharing stuff I am working on.
  7. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    To each their own..if you wanna do it then do it....some people like Shipleys..others prefer Krispy Kreme....me I'm a Winchels guy.
  8. silat1

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    We criticise because we know that kind of gun play will get you seriously injured or injure the people who are on the range with you if you have spectators.. You never use a firearm the same way you do a knife,, That is just common sense..

    As far as not researching what we are talking about, I can tell you that if I did anything like that, I would have my butt handed to me as I was heading out the door and heading to the unemployment line.. We are taught firearms safety and have strict rules of engagement that dictate when to use our weapons.. If we even pull our weapon unnecessarily, we are downloaded and suspended pending investigation.. As I had stated prior, I have been through several cqc and weapons handling classes in my job and on my own dime.. If I handled a weapon like that, it would result in some serious legal issues..

    Reject the comments as you wish, but take it from those who have been involved with the use of firearms in situations where their life was on the line be it street defense or in a law enforcement related incident..

    That application or any type of situation that you use that type of application is just setting you up for a long battle with the judicial community.. I hope you have a minimum of 50K to pay for your lawyer and any bail that you might need when you are pulled in for the ramifications of your actions while using that " training drill"

    Have a nice day

  9. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    They are also called Lefty as a result of shooting their hand, or called Inmate as they are hauled off to prison..

  10. arnisador

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    Mr. Hubbard photographed me this weekend at the WMAA Camp. It took about eight takes with various weapons because each time the photo made it look like I was cutting myself or a similar problem. One time it looked like I was punching my own stick. It drove me nuts!
  11. equilibrium

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  12. London

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    nice! you just need ear muffs and an orange traffic safety vest
  13. sjansen

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    A quick point of correction, revolvers don't jam, that's why it took so long for police departments to use autos. They work every time you pull the trigger and you can't stop them or jam them by grabbing the gun like you can an auto.

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