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    I recently ran into a thread on here with a gun-fu video clip. A debate ensued (which I don't want to re-open) about the use of a pistol and CQC/CQB applications.

    I find this a particularly interesting topic at the contact manipulation stage.

    I was taught to use position "SUL" as it is easy to defend from, fast into action, and allows movement in a group without lasering others or yourself.

    Here are some clips featuring Gabe Suarez (if you aren't on warrior talk go check it out, and if you are looking for some weekend courses, Gabes are great)



    Also, I haven't ever done any training with the C.A.R guys, but I think Paul Castle has some interesting ideas. His system (Center Axis Relock) isn't without its criticisms, but interesting for sure.



    Curious as to your thoughts and I thought you all might enjoy.
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    It goes against alot of what I was taught, but I have to say there is something intriguing about the method. I can definitely see it's + side...hmm..now you have peaked my interest. I may have to go check this out...It has a goo feel to it..IMHO!
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    I shoot out of a modified isosceles, and as I explained, was taught position "SUL" for retention and CQC.

    It looks like the C.A.R system would be great for managing recoil, quick target acquisition as it seems to use the silhouette of the weapon or front sight only and not rely on full site picture. I looks great for retention, and would be easily used in tight spaces (i.e. from a vehicle).

    What makes me nervous is my left bicep being so close to the bullet path!

    Were I to train it I would need to re-work my draw stroke and I would be curious as to how quickly they can fire the weapon once it is presented. From Appendix carry or strong side hip I can fire shortly after the muzzle clears the holster, from 3/4 hip on to full extension in my iso stance. I wonder how all that would work with the C.A.R. system.

    Here is a little PDF they have on the highlights of the system:



    Should you do any more research, or take a seminar, PLEASE report!
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