Correct Nutrition for MMA fighter??

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  1. jake_us9

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    I am new to MMA fight and a bodybuilder friend of mine has just work me a nutrition program just wondering if every1 thinks it would be ok for not trying 2 gain 2 much and what I do gain I want 2 be lean???

    Meal 1 7am : Porridge Oars (100grm) 2 Scoops Pro Peptide 1 Banana

    Meal 2 10am : EAS Meal Replacement

    Meal 3 1pm : 200grm Tuna (in brine) Medium Jacket

    Meal 4 4pm : As Meal 2

    Meal 5 7pm: 175 Grm Chicken Breast 100Grm Brown Rice 100grm Brocoli
  2. Bob Hubbard

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    What's your workout look like, and what is your calorie in:eek:ut ratio?
  3. jimmy9183

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    I think firstly, if you're mates a body builder, you don't wanna be following the same kind of diet as they are made for putting on muscle and not exactly for MMA fighter, secondly diet, training and preparation should be considered as a whole and is the ideal place for you for information which gives a Blueprint That Reveals The 3 Keys To Successful Training, Diet And Preparation For Victory In An MMA Fight!
    Have a glance and you will get answer to your question.

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