Corazon Aquino dead at 76.

Discussion in 'General' started by arnisador, Jul 31, 2009.

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    Corazon Aquino, Philippines president, dead at 76

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    Mamayapa po kayo, Tita Cory.. Magkasama na po kayo ng iyong minamahal na Ninoy... Hindi po kayo malilimutan.. Hindi kayo nag-iisa! Ang buong sambayanang Pilipino ay nagpapasalamat po sa inyo!
    (Rest in Peace, Tita Cory! You are now reunited with your beloved Ninoy... You will not be forgotten... You are not alone.. The entire Filipino nation is grateful to you!)
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    Cory Aquino

    I was in the PI this summer when Cory died. The public outpouring at her ailing last days and at her funeral was countrywide and profound.

    Upon reflection, Cory exposes so many other Filipino politicians for the corrupt, venal, money-grubbers and social climbers that they are.

    Cory did not choose to run for office, but had it thrust upon her when her husband was killed. She stepped up to run, and she had to know that the same people who killed Ninoy ("The Filipino is worth dying for.") could very well kill her, too. And yet she ran.

    And although her administration was far from perfect, she had absolute integrity, and in my mind serves as an ideal, like Ninoy and Jose Rizal, who serve as examples of what the Filipino can be.
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    The big question is, will her son, Noynoy, now a Presidential Candidate in the 2010 elections, be able to continue his parents' legacy?

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