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Discussion in 'Kali Ilustrisimo' started by BayaniWarrior, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. BayaniWarrior

    BayaniWarrior New Member

    Hey guys. I plan to head to PI on vacation this December and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I could contact Tony Diego. I really want to learn Kalis Ilustrisimo under him during my stay.

    Any help would be awesome. Thanks.

  2. fernast

    fernast Junior Member


    I had try last year to get in touch with him but it seems Mang Tony Diego doesn't openly teach. My understanding is that you have to get a recommendation but I am not sure. In my case I could'nt get it so I couldn't train with him (bad luck). You may try PM or wait for FMAtalk member Raul who knows him(?). Now that Mang Tony Diego is retired, he may be more willing to teach more openly. If you can get some training with him it would be great I bet. PM me in this case so I may try recontacting him.

    Good luck

    Best regards
  3. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    I don't act as a middleman or bridge between would-be students and mang Tony Diego. Its not impossible to get in touch with him and be his student. Total strangers have done it. Simply go to Luneta. Or train first with the KI pillars i.e. mang Rey Galang, mang Topher, and mang Yuli.. and maybe from them, you can get a recommendation you might think you need. Students of students of mang Tony Diego usually ends up seeking instructions directly from him. Or contact Serge or Josh or Kevin or Shamim or John Chow et al..
  4. Twist

    Twist Junior Member

    :) Sooo worth it though ;)
  5. CincoTeros

    CincoTeros New Member

    I had just recently returned from the Philippines and have seen Mang Tony Diego and his students training in Luneta Park every Sunday from about 10:00am-??? (along with several other FMA'rs). They practice on the US embassy side of Luneta Park (Roxas Blvd). Maestro Yuli Romo knows Mang Tony very well and are good friends. If you are still having a hard time getting in touch with Mang Tony, I suggest you contact Maestro Yuli at bahadzubu_ghq (at) I suggest training with both because even though they both teach KI they both have a different perspective in the art. Hope this helps...
  6. BayaniWarrior

    BayaniWarrior New Member

    Thanks for the help guys.

    I was wondering if anyone also had the info for Romy Macapagal. I saw his email on the KI website but it doesn't seem to be working.

    Thanks again,
  7. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    Log on to kalis Ilustrisimo Yahoo group. You might get some answers there.

    RETIRADA New Member

    Tony Diego

    An opportunity to learn from Manong Tony Diego should not be missed.
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  9. aous

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    Hi all, Im a student of Sifu/Guro Abed (AKA apoi). He trained back in the day under Tony Diego (and many other known masters in Arnis and kung fu). Anyways over the years he has lost contact with Tony Diego and the other students (it has been a while since he last visited the philippines, about 8 years), so I was hoping that someone here might be able to help us get some contact details (perhaps Raul?) as there are important things they need to discuss. If anyone has any contact with Master Tony, please tell them Abed wants to get in touch with him, he should understand. I'd really appreciate your cooperation.
    My number is : 00962797082223
  10. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    I'm outside of Manila right now and Mang Tony rarely answers the phone. You can contact Shamim from UK who maintains communication with Mang Tony. Anyway, I'll email one of his direct students so this info and your phone number will reach Mang Tony. I'll let you know if anything comes up.
  11. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    Can you gimme more info about Abed?
  12. eome

    eome Junior Member

    Hope that everyone from Binondo and Luneta are doing well and are in good health. kuya Raul kindly send my regards.

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