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Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by fangjian, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. fangjian

    fangjian Jo Dong

    Hi All,

    I will be teaching Balintawak for whoever would like to join me. No charge. Just hoping to train and meet some Eskrimadors from the area. It will be informal and hope some of you may be able to come out, despite the short notice.

    Where: Julia Deburgos Park ( corner of Jackson St and Terry Ave. ) in Willimantic CT.

    When: Wednesday July 7th , 3:45pm
  2. fangjian

    fangjian Jo Dong

    Hi all,

    I will be hosting a gathering not just for Balintawak players but for all FMA practitioners in Kent, CT. It will be at Kent Falls State Park, which is a very beautiful place and known to have the largest waterfall in CT. It is also 2 hours from NYC, 2 hours from Albany, NY and 3 hours from Providence, so I hoped that everyone will be able to come out. There will be no strict seminar format. However I will be teaching Balintawak for whoever wants to learn. Like most gatherings, everyone will be teaching and learning as well. Since it is a 'gathering' there will be no charge and it could last for 3 hours or maybe five

    Where: Kent Falls State Park Kent, CT
    When: Saturday August 7th. 10am - whenever I get tired
    Contact: Jon Leonard 860.319.7238 or

    ( figure we could train for a couple hours then take a break, enjoy the waterfalls and eat lunch. then continue training in the afternoon. I will bring some food and water but, make sure to bring your own water and lunch. We'll be in the boondocks)
  3. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    Kent Falls is a looong way away from where I am in Snow Hampshire (google says it is 4 hours drive) but I'd absolutely love to come by if I can swing the logistics.

    Ironically, I have never seen Balintawak, other than YouTube. I guess I haven't been too successful in cornering Datu Tim or Rich Parsons when we happen to be in the same place at the same time (which....hasn't happened often enough...LOL)

    I've been hoping to give it a try sometime....and the chance to take some pictures of a pretty waterfall is a bonus. :)
  4. fangjian

    fangjian Jo Dong

    Hi Carol,

    It would be really awesome if you could make it. It is totally worth a 4 hours drive. Kent Falls is amazing. Balintawak is amazing. That makes for twice the amazingness!!!!!

    I'll make sure to bring lunch and water for you. There. I just helped with the logistics a little :)
  5. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    You are so kind! Thank you. I'll do my best to make it down there...provide I don't get crushed by work, or crushed by a pile of boxes (I just moved...LOL) I'll likely be there. I'll confirm with you next week :)

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