Congratulations to Tomi Harell - Promoted to Lakan 7 (Sr. Master)!

Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by Alex(ander Bautista Bayot France), Jul 26, 2010.

  1. Just received from IPMAF World HQ via phone text: IPMAF Chief Instructor for Finland, Master Tomi Harell has been promoted to Lakan 7 (Sr. Master) in Kombatan. Text also said "... and Modern Mano-Mano, Presas Style".

    I know that in the past, we separated the two with the blue uniforms for mano-mano, and the red uniforms for arnis. Perhaps in Finland, there are some groups that still do only mano-mano? No problem with this as our IPMAF Passports separate out the various Kombatan subsystems; allowing you to get rank in one but not the other, or allowing you to gain different ranks in the different subsytems. In any case, Tomi's 7th degree in Kombatan indicates senior master level proficiency in both arnis and mano-mano, as well as in espada y daga and daga-sa-daga.

    Anyway, "Congratulations!", Tomi! I'm suure it it is well deserved as the text message (although a little garbled from the trransmission (--I'll have to call them tonight for details like Promotion Date) indicated that IPMAF World HQ wanted to especially thank you for your "technical advise" and support! Normally I'd wait to get all the details in before making an announcement; but this is good news (especially for Finland) that that can't wait. We can hash out the details later, In fact, Tomi, if you would, please update the IPMAF Family Tree for Finland (see prior threads in this forum) with details such as promotion date (if you weren't caught by surprise by this) and update the member list there. I (and anyone else) can make announcements on FaceBook and MyFMA.Net later. For me it will have to be later tonight after I get home from work.

    Thanks, and "Congratulations!" again!!!
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    Good news!
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    Congratulations Tomi!
  4. Hello, all. Just read a 3 week old msg sitting in my inbox. Clarification about the "Technical Advisor" part: Sr. Master Tomi was awarded the title of Technical Advisor for Mano-Mano in Europe (in addition to his promotion to Lakan 7). Congratulations again, Tomi!

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