Congrats to Manny Pacquiao

Discussion in 'General' started by dekiti, Nov 14, 2010.

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    From the NYT this morning:

    What a class act.


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    Manny Pacquiao will put up his own university in Sarangani from the proceeds of his fight vs. Margarito. He shall name this Pacquiao University, in short, 'Pac U'. Hence its students shall be called 'Pacquers'. His mom will run it, and will be known as a 'Mother Pacquer.'
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    Pacquiao looked and out..side to, deceptive hands...enganyo after enganyo laid out....Margarito fell into every trap set. There isn't much left for Pac...Moseley wants some but after the Mora debacle he won't or shouldn't get a fight. Pac would hurt him bad. Going back to 140 isn't worth the hassle of the weight cut and besides who is there besides Bradley, Khan and Alexander all three unproven and IMHO not much more than a sparring match for PAC. This brings us to Mayweather..that fight won't happen...Mayweather s facing serious jail time on 4 felonies not to mention his trainer as well...Mayweather is 33 and would be 34 when and if he faced Pac...he may be hated but he isn't stupid. He knows walking in against a seasoned Pacquiao who ahs been active would only get him busted up and his egg cracked. So this could be the end for Pac...congress and the people call...if so cool by me..he gave us more than we deserve of himself and put on some great shows for us. Mabuhay Pac.
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    Filipino boxers

    There's an FMAdigest special edition on Filipino boxers.
    Click here.:EvilGrin:

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