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    I recently received word that Grandmaster Anthony Davis has not only recently lost his father but has lost his mother as well.

    On behalf of of Grandmaster Ramiro U. Estalilla, Jr., DMA (Hon) and Associate Grandmaster Edward Anthony Bansuelo and the Kabaroan Eskrima family I would like to express our deepest condolences to Grandmaster Anthony Davis and his family.

    As a side note, I briefly met GM Anthony Davis at various functions within our school. Associate Grandmaster Ed Bansuelo is/was a student and friend of Grandmaster Anthony Davis so I know this is especially heart felt.

    In addition to my condolences, I would also like to post an email forwarded to me about Rebecca Watt Davis and sent out by Guro Mike Schwarz:

    It is with sadness I greet you today.

    After recently losing his father, GM Anthony Davis of the WSEF has
    lost his mother as well in recent days.

    He has asked that I post the following obituary in the groups I
    subscribe to.

    Please take a moment of silence in this regard.

    Guro Mike Schwarz

    Rebecca Watt Davis was born on July 6, 1933, in Chattanooga,
    Tennessee. 'Becky' as she was fondly called by the many that loved,
    respected, and adored her, passed away into heavenly glory on April
    9, 2008. Although Rebecca Watt Davis had battled with a long series
    of illnesses for many years, she never lost her pioneering spirit.
    Rebecca Watt Davis was married to her recently deceased husband
    retired Air Force Staff/Sergeant Harold Davis Sr. for (56) years. In
    a nutshell, Rebecca lived on after her husband's death primarily for
    her children.

    Mrs. Davis was an outstanding example of a genuine soldier of the
    Lord. One of the very first members of St. Stephen Christian
    Methodist Episcopal Church, she helped to build up, establish, and
    recruit new members of the very first choir of the church. In 1993,
    Mrs. Davis survived a very severe brain tumor operation. The doctor's
    said after her operation she would not survive very much longer; but
    the great Lord on high had other plans for her, as she went on to
    live for another glorious sixteen years.

    It is impossible to describe in words how many hearts Rebecca Watt
    Davis touched, as there are just too many to count. Everyone that
    knew 'Becky' will tell you that she always greeted you with a warm
    welcome, and with a warm smile. Dependable, talkative, a good dancer,
    a devoted wife and mother, and a loyal friend, one of her favorite
    spiritual songs were "Keep your eye's on the sparrow"

    In the early seventies after her husbands retirement from the Air
    Force, 'Becky' worked for former Fairfield Mayor Campos for many
    years. 'Becky' took great pride in her home, and she could always be
    found redecorating something. As a studious student of life, she
    passed this special gift over to all of her children. As a former
    military wife, Rebecca Watt Davis travelled to various historical
    countries such as, Germany, England, and throughout various parts of
    the United States.

    Mrs. Rebecca Watt was preceded in death by her mother and father; Mr.
    Phillip Watt, and Mrs. Ella J. Watt; husband; Harold Davis Sr.,
    brothers; Phillip Watt, John Watt, sisters; Elizebeth Scott, Ethel
    Watt, Mary Lloyd,Cherry Wilkinson, and last surviving brother Charlse

    Mrs. Rebecca Watt Davis leaves behind to mourn, and to celebrate her
    passing; Harold J. Davis, Gerald G. Davis, Anthony M. Davis, Angela
    Davis/Ross, Lamont M. Davis, several grandchildren, and great

    Often imitated, but never will Rebecca Watt Davis be duplicated;
    because when the Great God up above created 'Becky' he definitely
    broke the mold. A "Queen of Queens" Mrs. Rebecca Watt Davis will
    forever be affectionately remembered, for she will always stay deeply
    rooted within numerous hearts and minds.

    Again, on behalf of the Kabaroan Eskrima family, our deepest condelences to GM Davis and his family. May the memories of your mother and the love of Christ bring you peace in this difficult time.

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    deepest sympathy for your loss. please take some comfort from the fact that so many people here are offering your their support at this time.

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