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    Did my 100' dash today for the first time since my 15.72 from back in July. A pulled back in August knocked me off stride, but I've been rather consistent of late on the treadmill with my speed walking/jog so I was hoping for a decent time. Thus I was pleased to break back into the 15s at 15.93. Conrad, my timekeeper, suggested one more run. I was feeling rather good and had done a thorough job of rolling out last night and this morning and so I went one more time. I paid extra attention to driving with my arms and was stunned to be timed at 14.21! Until I replicate a similar time, I can hardly give it full credence, but I do confess to feeling rather pleased with myself.
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    Back in 1992 a 6'7" hyper-idiot stepped on my foot during a judo sweep DURING WARM UPS and snapped my knee sideways-- completely breaking in two my ACL, PCL, and LAL-- all three of which had to be replaced with achilles tendons from cadavers. It took three surgeries for the docs to get things as good as they were going to get and , , , well the details don't matter, but the bottom line is that there has been some uneven wear and tear in my hips and lower back. This has created quite a few challenges around which I have had to work over the years.

    Thus, when it comes to running I need to be careful. In the past the high repetition stuff (stairmaster, bicycle, treadmill, running,) I found not only boring, but tending towards creating problems.

    However with the focus on sprints, this has not been the case.

    That said, I've been doing speedwalking on the treadmill and this has been very successful for me. The rolling motion of the hips of speedwalking has been very good for releasing my hip flexors, including my quads, and I am daring to do things I have not done for many, many years. It may not sound like a big deal to anyone here, but I am quite tickled to be running .35 of a mile at the end of my speedwalking. I have visions of working up to a mile and timing myself in the 440 and the 1760 as I currently do in the 100.

    The Adventure continues!
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    My hips got to feeling a bit tight and then I had a four day road trip (got back last night) so right now I'm feeling like I've back slid quite a bit. Ugh. Still, as is often the case I had a REALLY good stretching session while waiting for my flight out of Bloomington. Given my line of work, I fly quite a bit and often find myself with ninety minutes or so in the waiting area at the gate. Given how hard airplane seats are on the hips and back, I have found it very important and very helpful to have a thorough stretch before getting on the plane. Towards this end, I travel with an "Isomaxx Stretching Strap" ( purchased from Health for Life MANY years ago-- I do not know if they are still in business) and a small foam roller. Yes, I get strange looks sometimes-- but they will get over it-- I know I already have LOL.

    I had a vigorous submission roll today and look forward to re-establishing my groove on the treadmill tomorrow.
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    One of the nice things about living where I do is the ease with which I can go to the beach-- about 5 minutes from my house.

    This past week the air temperature has been 73-80 and the water temperature 70-72 and the waves 2-3 feet with clear skies. For four of the last six days I have put on my shorty fins and gone swimming in the ocean. There is a buoy 120 yards out and I swim to it and back and then do a bit of body surfing. Day 1here were some dolphins and today a cormorant kept me company part of the way.

    A man could go further and do worse.

    The undulation that comes from the fins feel very good for my feet, ankles, knees, thighs, and hips. I've been having a lot of trouble with my left hamstring the past two months but these workouts with the fins have been very helpful.

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