Comparison of Inosanto Kali to other FMA styles and other questions

Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by jwinch2, Oct 28, 2009.

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    No worries. Ed Mengel (who teaches Modern Arnis in DC) has an interactive map on his website of FMA teachers in the area. Might be worth checking that out.

    There's actually quite a lot of FMA instruction in the DC Metro area. I'm sure it varies a lot in quality, but I've heard of or met a fair number of qualified teachers, bearing in mind the relative obscurity of FMA.

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    Yep. I've been on Guro Ed's website several times and have definitely used it to find people when possible.

    Thanks again.

    Had my second Inosanto-Lacoste class today and it was very very good. A different instructor, Guro Leonard, taught and he did a very nice job. Now, myself and two other guys in our training group have to make up our minds about what we want to do.
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    I have decided to start taking lessons formally at Trident. I have really enjoyed the classes so far and I had my third one last night under Guro Tray. What this means for the future of my Modern Arnis training I am not sure. I am hopeful that our training group will start up again which would allow me to gain knowledge in both arts at the same time but I cannot count on it. From what I have seen so far there is so much similarity between the two systems that I am not worried about any confusion due to training multiple FMA styles at the same time. The only potential snafu I do see is that the verbage is quite different so I have to learn new names for everything. Most FMA people I know are not too worried about what they call things anyways but, heck, its hard to have a discussion about something that has no title so I always go out of my way to learn the names of things that I am learning. Its also just good teaching practice to name a skill prior to demonstrating it.

    Bottom line? I am excited about this new foray into FMA though still disappointed at the manner in which it has had to happen. I hope I have the opportunity to return to Modern Arnis in the near future. If not, there is another Inosanto-Lacoste full instructor about 35 minutes away who just happens to teach on the days that Trident does not have FMA classes. If our training group does not start back up, I may explore additional training in the Inostanto-Lacoste system as a way to accelerate my learning curve.

    I would eventually like to be a full instructor in whatever system I end up studying long term. I am not overly concerned about rank advancement and that sort of thing. Rather, I just want the skill and knowledge. I figure if the Modern Arnis stuff does not work out, 5 days a week of training will allow me to advance faster in a new system than 3 days a week of training. If it does work out, I will advance my knowledge of each style a little more slowly but will benefit from training both arts at the same time.

    It took me forever to find FMA so I want to learn as much as I can at the best rate I can. I've never been that big on patience anyways - LOL...

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