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Discussion in 'Gear Talk!' started by equilibrium, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. equilibrium

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    I cant review it since I came up with the idea and put the deal together, but Combatant: Extreme Self Defense has the most footage on DVD of Tuhon Gaje ever, showing tons of groundwork, as well as solutions for common street attacks, doing drills with Guro Tim Waid, and telling the story of his art.

    There must be several people on this board who have it though, they can review it.
  2. gagimilo

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    Saying that, just how long is the entire video? are all the instructors equally represented (time wise), or some get more time than others?
  3. kaliman1978

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    the video in my opinion is great! I am a little biased since I train ptk, but I will have to say that the ptk section of the dvd was very good! The drills were cool, and the history of ptk was cool. The other experts were alright, but the second best on the video was Bill Kipp, the wing chun was horrible, and the krav was okay. I respect wing chun but punching somebody in the face that has a gun drawn on you might not be the best option especially if that is all that is in your tool kit to use so to speak. The kali section showed some great live blade flowing with ginuntings and dagas, and all the other stuff was on point. i would have to give the tape 3 out of five stars.
  4. Doc D

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    I have the DVD and love the concept. I'd love to see another one made. I'm not focused on PTK training as much as I am a silat practitioner but clearly the portions with Tuhon Gaje and Tim Waid were the best parts of the DVD. ....and their demos were well worth the price of the overall DVD right there. The production quality was very, very nice !
    With Respect
    Doc D

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