Cold Steel "Fighting With Saber and Cutlass" 2 DVD Set

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    For any interested I am selling a copy of Anthony DeLongis' and Lynn Thompson's "Fighting with Saber and Cutlass" on eBay (Item number: 190015606099). Following is part of my description on eBay:

    "Seller's Note: I practce Filipino marital arts and found Cold Steel's "Fighting With the Saber and Cutlass" to be an excellent DVD set - particularly if you are looking for connections between the FMA's largo mano styles and Western sword technique. There are two DVD's: the first volume is presented primarily by Anthony DeLongis and features classical saber technique; the second volume is presented primarily by Lynn Thompson and features adaptations of Filipino weapons techniques to the Western cutlass.. There are also many infighting techniques presented as well as an extended sparring session between Anthony DeLongis and Lynn Thompson."


    Steve Lamade

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