cold steel escrima sticks,rubber training knives

Discussion in 'Gear Talk!' started by Ron B, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Ron B

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    I just got a pair of cold steel escrima sticks they are really good sticks.they were 32 inches long so I cut them.they are the best synthetic made sticks I have ever seen and I have a pair of durratan sticks which are good but not as good as the cold steel sticks because the cold steel ones even feel similar to a rattan stick

    there rubber training knives are really good as well
  2. Carol

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    Ron, how have you found the Cold Steel sticks to be for impact absorption as compared to the Durattan?
  3. Ron B

    Ron B Junior Member

    I think they absorb the impact better than the durratan not get me wrong the durratan is good for absorbing impact but the cold steel sticks are a little bit better.with durratan you can request the length of the sticks with cold steel you have to cut the sticks if you do not want to have a 32 inch stick.I will be using the durratan sticks to work out on my tire dummy and I will post here how they hold out in 6 months or so.
  4. Carol

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    That will be really cool. Thanks!
  5. TuhonBill

    TuhonBill New Member

    Cold Steel Eskrima sticks

    I've just started passing the Cold Steel Eskrima sticks out to my senior people for testing. I like the overall feel and weight, but I don't have enough time with them to know the long term effects of stick to stick contact. The shock absorption feels good, certainly better than hardwood, but maybe not quite as good as rattan. Can someone here who has used them for several months comment on these sticks regarding their long term use and joint safety. Any wrist or elbow problems cropping up?

    Tuhon Bill McGrath
  6. Topeng

    Topeng New Member

    I have had my pair for about 6 months now and they are still in great shape. The extra weight took a little getting used to when compared to rattan. I haven't had any joint problems. If anything, I'd say they have actually strengthened my wrists and forearms. Mine are cut to 24" though. I'm not sure if my wrists could handle the weight of a 32".
    They have increased my speed as well. Normally I warm up and do solo work with the cold steel, then switch to rattan for partner training. The rattan really flies after that.
    Not really part of the question, but another thing I really like about the Cold Steel is they don't get slippery. That really allows me to flow without tensing up trying to hold on the sucker once the sweat starts. I haven't used them but I hear the durattans get slick.
  7. Kailat


    Dang I was just at the INDY GUN and KNIFE SHOW 1500 yesterday and seen these sticks from Cold Steel... They looked pretty neat.. I picked a pair up and my first thought was DANG they are long!! had I even thought about cutting them down a few inches I may of grabbed a pair of them.. Geesh.. i shoulda got them.. they were for sale for like $25 a pair too...I already have a couple of the rubber trainer from cold steel and I use them often.. there not bad.. depends on what your doing w/ them...u can't get decent disarms w/ them.. but overall they serve a good purpose.. they was selling those for like $5 a piece.. MAN, next time I go back i'll look for them again.
  8. Danny T

    Danny T New Member

    A couple of my guys have them, as already stated they are heavier than comparable rattan. When used against rattan I find due to the density and weight difference the person with rattan against the synthetic will be at a disadvantage and the rattan will not hold up nearly as well. The CS feels good yet does have more rebound from shock but is much better than I expected. CS against CS works well but most students, only having rattan, don't like working against the CS because of the quick destruction their rattan.

    We use the Cold Steel Training Knives for safety with much of our training. And though our emphasis isn't on disarms, (understanding them is very important), performing them is more difficult against the rubber however I do find having learned how to disarm the rubber effectively has made disarming the more realistic blades much easier and efficient.

    Danny T
  9. KaliJuan

    KaliJuan New Member

    I knew looking at this thread would be hazardous to my bank account :)

    I will be ordering some soon !!!

    Thanks Friends

    - J
  10. themadbuddha

    themadbuddha New Member

    Just after they were first released we did a bulk order finding a cheaper retailer on so most of us have a pair each. After a little while some of us cut the last long section off making the stick more the length we're used to using and much lighter. Also grabbed some racquet grip tape to make it stick a little better. Worked out fine, we use them for pretty much everything except sparring (cause they hurt a helluva lot).

    Also grabbed a single MS03.28 from It's a great stick, granted it's a little more expensive than the Cold Steel, but it's a great stick and well worth the extra $.

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