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    The rise of criminality in this country USA and other countries in the next century is the education that the criminals had learned from the Martial Arts styles or systems regardless of the origin. More shown in the Movies as how fantastic can some one fight and win against a thug or take advantage of the weaklings like the female generation abused by the criminally instinct person with the glory that after the abused he killed the female victim.

    This criminally driven person will use edged weapon or a knife or a baseball bat and sometimes a gun and kill the victims.

    What education in Martial Arts more so in the Filipino Martial Arts as an Edged Weapon based system taught to people who are organized terrorist with a handsome pay in dollars and with the know how in the use of knives will dominate the occupational crimes and even used against the law enforcement personel who have less training in Martial Arts.

    It is my deep convern to learn that good percentage of Police officers in the United States are killed by Edged Weapon. It is my deep concern that instructors representing FMA are not particular in the selection of people who wants to learn the art.I know for a fact that there is no control as to qualifications of attendees. I am particular regarding this issue. For this reason I maintain my PTK people for advancement and knowing for a fact that once someone that may attend the seminar we have a way of checking them through the system.

    Today in the Philippines, the PNP special operations group composed of Intelligence operatives are on watch to all that teaches FMA specially that there is a rise of criminality influenced by the rising movements of anti-government movements and the Al queda influence.Trained Terrorist who is suicidal can kill 20 to 50 people in a MALL just slashing, hacking, thrusting anyone within the reach of his weapon.

    Through the advice of the Higher Command , starting 2008 all Pekiti-Tirsia and non Pekiti-Tirsia who wants to be in the PTK Global Council of Instructors must undergo the Licensing training program starting 2008.

    Any interested person who wants to undergo this intensive Candidate Course will be subjected to strict security check to be done by the System.
    It requires that applicants must register on or before September 2007.

    A Licensed Edged Weapon instructor will be recognized all over the world as the only individuals allowed to teach.The Law on Anti-Terrorism in the Philippines and the Patriotic Act of the US and the Anti-Terrorism Laws in major Countries will impose particulars in the teachings of Edged Weaponry.
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    Grand Tuhon that is a great idea. There was a similar topic on another forum regarding the acceptance of students, and drug-testing, criminal background checks, etc.

    My first FMA instructor, who is my uncle, is a police sergeant, detective and baton trainer for a local academy. We were asked about our criminal backgrounds, any warrants, parole, drugs, etc., before we were allowed to receive training. You were strictly not allowed to train if you were a parolee.
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    Shades of Martial Law!!!!
    This is basically the same thing that was going on when I was training in the Philippines during the 70's.. We were required to register all of our instructor certificates with the Securities Exchange after we were promoted.. Our certificates were registered with them and we were all given numbers that were printed on our certificates..

    Can history repeat itself?


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    Unfortunately Bill,

    With the rise of Criminality and Terrorism around the world, this may be the only logical recourse. I think most of us are responsible when it comes to instructing people. However there are those who will teach for the almighty Dollar! For those that are in the minority the rest of us must pay the price. And I believe that, that course is the only responsible avenue. Checks and Balances. And those who are legitimate have nothing to fear. We need to be responsible instructors of FMA in teaching edged weaponry. This is a GOOD THING.
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    As an individual who is a law enforcement officer, I can see this being done. But when I read the posting, I had a flash back to when I was in the us military and was training in the Philippines.. The registration of all blackbelt and instructors was required by the laws that were on the books in the Philippines.. I still have my certifications with the numbers on them as registered with the Securities exchange.

    I always interview all students who wish to train with me, and from that initial contact, I make a determination who I will train.. I have been primarily working with the military when I was active as well when I retired. I ran 3 schools on island (Guam) for more than 10 yrs, but it was more of a closed door due to the fact that I was still active duty and wasn't going out of that mindset to teach people who needed skills that they could rely on when the fecal matter hit the oscillating mechanism.

    After 30 yrs of teaching and while I was currently in the states over the last two years, I trained with some people who were in chicago who weren't in the law enforcement and military field just to give them an idea of the effectiveness of the FMA and the ability to take care of matters when it was needed. It was a eye opener for those who had never seen or experienced the FMA before.

    Just my .02 pesos

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  6. Carol

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    What is being put forward sounds like licensing and background check of teachers...but how would this process preclude teachers from teaching FMA to the wrong sort of student?
  7. Matt Lim

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    Start with the trainors. Those instructors with criminal records should be banned from teaching all his life.Instructors should undergo some sort of psycho/neuro test. Sociopath instructors tend to attract students with similar mental fibers.
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    You can't make the system crook-proof or idiot-proof, but I think there's still a lot of room for improvement!

    Yes, a good start!
  9. arnisador

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  10. Carol

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    That I can follow...and it does sound like a good idea.

    There is something about this that nags me though...would it also be a step in setting up some sort of chain-of-custody for the teacher to be held liable for what their student did off the mat?
  11. R. Mike Snow

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    Hello everyone,

    I tend to agree with you Bill. It does sound like a hint of "Martial Law". I personally am not much a fan of the "Patriot Act" myself. Taking extreme measures in one direction but neglecting and even abusing other parts of our societies security. I have the highest level of respect for our military personel and members law enforcement. Especially since more than half of my family is either active or retired military and law enforcement personel. But, criminals DO NOT follow the law. That is why "gun control" does not work. Now we are going to implement "blade and technique control". I am an extreme backer of the United States Constitution. Our "rights to privacy", "freedoms of speech" and "rights to bear arms" are already disappearing. I am ashamed to even say that "Haveus Corpus" no longer exists. A law in place like this one, making people file a skill with the government reminds me of Goege Orwell's "1984". It takes an entire ten minures to train someone how to kill with a knife. Not to be killed by one takes a life time. Why register people that are trying how not to be killed with a knife. I find that this type of law does two negative things. Imposess oppression on already law abiding citizens and takes energy and money the law enformement could use on effective measures like border security and customs checking more packages coming into the US. Oh, and another thing. The abuses and favoritism of a beaucracy. Which ever group that is responsable for helping to impose and maybe even regulate these laws can say whom can teach and from what art. DON'T THINK SO! If we keep going the direction we are presently taking. The terrorists have already won. As fore checking up. All of my training partners are Ph D's, devoute Chistians and law enforement personel. And unfortunately, we have avoided to let a few people train with us. But I do honestly respect the other point or view.

    Respectfully, Mike
  12. franci1911

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    I believe alot of what may be going on here is the ability to check up on those students being taught. I do also agree with you all about our 2nd ammendment rights. I am a Life Time Member of the NRA. As far as Ph D's, devoute christians and Law Enforcement personel (you are fortunate to train with such good people), those titles don't make them NON Criminals Less likely I do agree. But we need to be more responible like you Mike and maybe these kinds of recourses wouldn't need to be put in place. It's just the growing issue of Terrorism that's feeding all this. Harsh that it may seem we may not be able to avoid the inevitable.
  13. Beungood

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    You start getting governements involved in the Martial Arts and regulating it , you will see fees and taxes and such on these licenses. I think Governemtn is far too intrusdive on our society. None of these measures implemented work. I have been in law enforcement 11 years and They keep adding in things ofr the givernemtn and Police to be involved with. And they are never really successful.
  14. Carol

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    Does anyone have the source of the information about changes to the Patriot Act? A friend of mine at U.S. DHS hasn't heard any discussion along these lines, and he's curious too.

    Thanks for any info :bow:

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