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Discussion in 'Dekiti Tirsia Siradas' started by truth_be_told, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. truth_be_told

    truth_be_told -== Banned ==-

    1st thank to arnisador for his professionalism

    2nd franci1911 shud read text properly in the locked dekiti tirsia thread

    "Truth be told says don't feed the trolls. That is as good as calling Grand Tuhon Gaje a Troll. Where is the respect in that.
    Your comments Truth Be told are not fact based. They are handed down 3rd or 4th removed."
    quote franci1911

    regarding troll, franci1911 put words into my mouth.

    i asked
    2) Rommel Tortal never learnt from Jerson Tortal ?
    If yes, then how can Rommel know bout Dekiti Tirsia history else what is the point of asking?-don't feed the troll image
    if no, then isnt this another 'fallout' case?"

    if see context, there no mention of tuhon Gaje but rommel association with jerson context.

    as for fact based, i ask simple direct question and expect factual claims.
    seem some folks are insecure when there's no facts to back it up in their claims.

    as for 3rd 4th source of info, if i know any better than arnisador, why ask all this questions ?

    good things come from this questioning as i received email from 'unknown' on picture to proof Rommel learnt from jerson previously. Dunno how true is that ?

    can arnisador show me how to post pics (isn't this is a fact evidence).
    can arnisador let me know doing so is not professional practice and i will respect moderator views. advice po.

    perhaps once photo upload- franci1911 can explain why say rommel never learn or associate with jerson?

    hope i dun pull 'hidden worms out from cans' accidently.

  2. franci1911

    franci1911 Member

    First of all Truth Be Told Having Rommel in a picture does not mean that he learmed from Jerson. Gee you must have been there. WHAT EVER.

    Secondly if you can remember your own post you had a picture that shows a troll holding up a sign that states DON'T FEED THE TROLLS

    And by the way in your post you state that Grand Tuhon Leopoldo T. Gaje jr. does not carry the Tortal Surname. DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT THE T. IN HIS NAME STANDS FOR: The T. = TORTAL

    As far as asking a simple direct question, all you really do is lie. You have a picture that does not prove anything. You spend most of the time INSULTING Grand Tuhon Gaje. And this forum seems to over look your dialogue.

    As far as Arnisador, he and I have an understanding with each other and So far he has NO objection to how I communicate here on the FORUM.

    The problem with you Truth Be Told it SEEMS is that you are desperate in trying to make out something from NOTHING. If you go on P. Greg Allands knoweldge I can see why your fact finding is faulty.
  3. truth_be_told

    truth_be_told -== Banned ==-

    if u do Word search for profanity u find more in your posting than mine.

    how can a question ever be a lie ?
    it may suggest or not suggest anything.

    if someone took the photo and say something, who am i to refute?
    i was not there.

    as for surname, isnt Jerson Tortal as Tortal too ?

    if a Tortal says DTS is a Tortal family system, who are YOU to refute ?
    are you a Tortal ? No ? 1 say Yes, 1 say No :lookaroun


    up today there been No iota of facts with allegations on Tortal family system or history.

    Am just surprised that Jerson side no say nothing much. no internet connection in negros isle?

    perhaps or perhaps not

    :bsflag: rest case
  4. franci1911

    franci1911 Member

    The fact is a picture does not prove anything. Jerson isn't saying anything because he knows he is wrong.
  5. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><


    This tone of discourse is highly disappointing, and does nothing to flatter the practitioners of either art.

    Until then, I strongly recommend focusing discourse on another topic of discussion, since this one cannot yet be discussed at a professional level.

    The Welcome thread is still being reviewed by the admins. It is locked temporarily.

    This one will not be reopened.


    - Carol Kaur -
    - FMAT Supermod -
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