Civil War Sabre and Bayonet Training Manuals.

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    It amazes me how important edged weapons still were just 150 years ago!
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    Oooh that is very interesting.

    Not too long ago I was reading about how bayonets are still used in modern warfare. Our troops (as well as our allies) have been using them in Afghanistan and Iraq for their psychological value. When among people that are used to having guns waved in their faces, waving more guns doesn't always get their attention -- but the bayonet on the end of the gun will.
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    Just one account among many. This one is from the U.K.'s Daily Record:

    The 20th Maine's bayonnet charge down Little Round Top during the battle of Gettysburg is one of the best-known actions of the Civil War. Following is a link to an acount on Wikipedia. Michael Shaara's The Killer Angels provides an excellent acount of the 4 days surrounding the event; it was later adapted into a movie, Gettysburg, starring Jeff Daniels as Col. Joshua Chamberlain.


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    Coincidentally, I just came across a story about a Civil War marker being cleaned in today's paper. The soldier in question died of a gunshot and a bayonet wound:

    History buff cleans up part of Civil War history


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