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    I am currently offering classes in my garage gym in Chino Hills, California on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. Each night starts off with an hour of phase class, and the remaining hours are devoted to going more deeply into particular arts. Friday nights are one hour of phase class, one hour of Inosanto/Lacoste, and then an hour of Dog Brothers. I am both a lakan guro in the Dog Brothers curriculum and a full DB (nickname "Guide Dog") with just under 50 stick fights under my belt.

    My goal is to build up a student base of 20 students who have committed to monthly training, and then open up a commercial facility with the students already in place. My monthly rates in my garage are discounted from what I will charge in a commercial facility. Those students who begin with me in my garage group will lock in their discounted rates for life, whether I eventually offer more hours or more days of training in a commercial school.

    I have a home-based business license from the City of Chino Hills, training sticks, training daggers, Thai Pads, focus mitts, student manuals, and tee-shirts. As much as possible, I am attempting to run a professional school from my home, until I have enough students to warrant moving to a larger facility.

    Your first night of training is always free, regardless of whether you train for an hour, or three. Please visit me on the Web at:

    for more information. There is no catch. Come by for an evening of free training. I'll explain my fee structure afterwards, and you can make an informed decision. Please send an E-mail to:'

    to let me know when you'd like to train and I can send you some additional information.
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