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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Kin, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Kin

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    Does someone know the name of the martial art on the show last week in which a chinese instructor was training in a one punch style using chi?
    I believe it was called Dim muk or something like that. It took place with where the students used their chi to reflect punches. The Sifu would use one powerful strike.
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  3. silat1

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    This is called Dim Sum which is a subsection of Fulinyu from southern Beijing. It is taught to a few selected people who can meditate while having their eyes open.. It is one of the few arts where you can practice the horizontal medication positions from the falun daun drunken bastid style of Hong Kong and Canton.
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    You're an evil man... :roflmao:
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    Hong kong Pansit Canton?!? I love Pansit canton![​IMG]
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    Nah. nothing like pancit gusiado and balut with a tanduay/san miguel chaser for the training in the falun daun drunken bastid meditation position. Worked for me in the Philippines and the training only cost me 15K over a 3 yr time frame.. I was promoted to the highest level of falun daun drunken bastid until I fell off the wagon that held the golden throne where I sat after practice.

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