China's best in the 8/8 opening of the Olympics

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    I currently live in Baltimore, MD. I recently returned after almost 3 years living and teaching at 2 public universities in China. I am an indoor student of Han, Shirfu who is one of the few masters of Imperial Yang Tai Chi Chuan, Xiaojia or small frame. It is very traditional and rare even in China. It looks and feels nothing like Yang Tai Chi seen in the parks in China or taught in the USA.

    The last time I saw my teacher in Shenyang, he recommended that I watch the opening of the Olympics on August 8th, because China will show 2 1/2 minutes of several Chinese systems, one being Imperial Yang TCC, Xiaojia.
    He said that the Chinese government will present some of the best of the over 2000 systems of Kung Fu in China. Perhaps you might be interested in watching.

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    Thanks for sharing this info. Do you know if this is happening in the opening cerimonies of the olympic games?

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