Chicago Pacific Island gathering and tournament!

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  1. Datu Tim Hartman

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    Looks like I'll have two fighters present this year. Should be a good time!
  2. NAGA

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    Tentative list!

    Hello All,
    Here is a tentative list of instructors teaching the seminar series on Saturday August 14th...

    Datu/Grandmaster Tim Hartman Presas Arnis

    Master Rich Parsons Balintawak Escrima

    Master V. Ing Wing Chun kung-fu

    Master J. Cipkar Bandalan Doce Pares

    Grandmaster S. Millspaugh Kombatan Arnis

    Master Steve Van Harn and Mushtaq Ali Al-Ansari Navadisha Asika Naipunya

    We start teaching at 10:00 A.M. wth a break for lunch and go until 5:00 p.m. for further information check out or email me at the school or pm me here...

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  3. Brian R. VanCise

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  4. New2FMA

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    Guro John,
    Can you post the divisions and the break downs for each division?

    Thank you and looking forward to seeing you in August!
  5. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    Thanks for asking. I was just getting ready to post some stuff this week.
    It's only 8 short weeks away and we're getting very excited.

    What we have for divisions is as follows:

    Forms/Sayaw - youth and adult

    Sword (first blood rules) - light, medium, heavyweight, and seniors
    Point knife - light, medium, heavyweight, and seniors
    Espada y daga (new this year! stop point rules) - light, medium, heavyweight, and seniors. This will be an experimental division

    Combat knife - one division, least blood rules. We may consider two if there is enough disparity in age/weight
    Any seniors division may be divided for the same reasons if enough entries.

    For fun we also plan to offer limited tomahaw and knife throwing on Sunday.

    AND for even more fun and excitement, we have a new division this year we hope to try out on a limited experiment basis at the very end---------


    Prizes are still being finalized but I hope to post some pics soon

  6. Datu Tim Hartman

    Datu Tim Hartman FMA Talk Founder Supporting Member

    This will be the first tournament under the banner of the F.C.L. (Fma Combat League).

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  7. Datu Tim Hartman

    Datu Tim Hartman FMA Talk Founder Supporting Member

    Members of Datu's Tribe and the Buffalo Thunder will be there.

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  8. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    Hey Tim,

    What is the Filipino Combat League and who are the promoters? I wonder because I googled and did not find anything. Thanks.
  9. New2FMA

    New2FMA New Member

    Thanks for posting all the events and the breakdowns.
    This way everybody can plan ahead on what they want to sign up for and hopefully it will help the registration process go smooth.

    See you soon!
  10. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

  11. Datu Tim Hartman

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  12. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    Currently uploading the espada y daga rules vid to youtube but here's a pic of this year's Top Dog prize as voted by the judges at the tournement for the top fighter.

    23" WWII Bolo. Great, solid old piece back when they really made them well.[​IMG]
  13. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    Very nice! I hope that you have a great turnout!
  14. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    Here is the rules vid for the new division this year. incase the embed doesn't work.


    Also, there was a request for a copy of the rest of the rules, so here they are:

    Pacific Island tournament rules

    Sayaw (forms)

    Sayaw competition is open to all categories; empty hand, single or double weapon, long/short and flexible weapons. Scoring is based on 4 judges scoring a maximum of 25pts with a low of 5 pts. In the event of a tie for first through 4th place, competitors may use a secondary form but it is not required for a runoff. All SE Asian styles are welcome in this event.

    Single stick padded stick fighting

    Scoring with be First Blood, blade rules. Judges will give priority to strikes demonstrate cutting or stabbing technique and power while using accuracy, defense, aggressiveness, ring control and strategy. Scoring will be continuous and will only be stopped by the referee when pointless counter strikes after being scored upon occurs. Fights will not be paused to call for scores. Each corner judge will have click counters to keep score of points scored for red and blue fighter. At the end of two minutes, fighter with the most consistent points wins the match. In the unlikely event of a tie, one tiebreaker skirmish will be used. First score wins.
    If contact is made and a counter is made, only the first point counts and the “skirmish” series is ended. If no counter is made, fighter making first contact can continue to score points until the “skirmish” ends.
    Primary targets:
    · Top, front and sides of the helmet (Thrusts to the head or neck are prohibited and may result in disqualification
    · Front and sides of the thigh and body
    · Both arms and hands

    Prohibited techniques
    • Punching, kicking or kneeing
    • Grappling or wrestling
    • Trusting to the face or neck
    • Throws or sweeps
    • Locks or holding
    • Foul or abusive language.
    • Punyo (butt) strikes with the weapon
    • Strikes to the knees or below
    Witiks, Saltiks or Abaniko strikes are legal but are regarded as set-up techniques and do not by themselves score a point as this is a blade scoring system using the cutting edge of the weapon. Any power/primary technique delivered successfully after the strategic use of the witik will be scored.
    Strikes from one knee are allowed
    Counter-strikes – Any counter strike delivered after receiving a point strike will not count. Any successful counter strike delivered after an equally successful parry, block or defensive evasion will be definitely scored and encouraged.
    Jamming/checking with the free hand/forearm or weapon hand is allowed. Checking is defined as controlling by interception the opponent’s weapon hand, arm or torso. Any check that comes in contact with the opponent’s weapon will be considered a cut and the opponent will be awarded a point. This is to be considered a live blade.
    Disarms must be immediate. Only impact strikes and leverage disarms using the wrist, arm, weapon and handgrips will be allowed. Any disarm caused by grabbing and pulling the opponent’s weapon by the blade will be considered a cut for the opponent. Participants abusing the instant disarm rule by continuing to tug-of-war for the disarm will be warned and potentially penalized. A disarm will result in a point deduction from the competitors final total or added to the opponents score if it cannot. Three disarms within the round is a TKO, fight is ended. Joints may not be locked or twisted for a disarm.
    Loss of weapon due to the successful execution of a powerful attack or counter attack is not considered as a disarm. The disarm must be caused by the opponent. If the opponents strike is blocked and the block becomes disarmed, this is a disarm but you cannot disarm yourself.
    Broken weapons(s) are not considered disarms. Time will be stopped and the weapon replaced.
    Out of bounds. Participants must remain within the boundaries of the designated ring. Repeated out of bounds will result in a point deduction after two warnings have been given. Both feet must be out to be considered out of bounds. A fighter cannot score a point when one or both feet are out of bounds.
    The referee will monitor the general progress of the match. He will determine the observance and adherence to the rules, the legitimacy of disarms and all point deductions for any foul or behavior.

    For each foul, the referee may progressively issue at his discretion:
    • A casual warning
    • An official warning
    • A point deduction, generally after two official warnings
    • Disqualification
    If foul is severe enough, the referee can skip to any level.

    Knife fighting

    This is a knife/short blade weapon event. Weapon will have “marked” cutting edge. Full rules of Padded Stick fighting generally apply with exceptions. Only thrusts below the neck are allowed but not to the groin. Cuts and slashes can be delivered to any of the primary targets. All counters delivered after receiving a successful primary target cut or trust or after the referee has called break will be disregarded. Continued attempts to disregard and ignore the reality of knife combat, the referee’s commands/instructions and of the opponents valid score will be dealt with by point penalties. Participants should back off in acknowledgement of legitimate hits within each engagement. Strict adherence to the reality of edged weapon offense and defense techniques must be observed. Any participant trying to “camouflage” any mortal hits by delivering “zombie” counter attacks will receive a warning and possibly penalties.
    Repeated disregard for safety and reality of edged weapons will result in disqualification and loss of match. Scores will be 3 judge consensus through use of referee call and by show of flags. Winner is fighter with most points after two continuous minutes. Fights will still continue at a fast pace.
    Safety gear All competitors should provide personal safety gear such as cups (mandatory), Bra cups, helmet (WEKAF style) and hand protection (hockey, lacrosse, ect). If the competitor does not have helmet or gloves, they will be provided. Personal weapons will not be allowed, only those provided by the tournament host. Additional gear such as knee or elbow is allowed but discouraged to foster reality of combat. No street shoes are allowed on the mats. Mat shoes allowed with host approval

    Arbitration – a duly agreed upon arbitrator will have final decision on all disagreements. Inquiries MUST be made before any other match in the relevant division continues. Placements are final at the end of the tournament.

    Pacific Island Tournament rules for Combat Knife

    Combat Knife Division, ‘least blood’

    The goal of the Combat Knife division is to give participants a realistic experience of the reality of bladed encounters or “combat” against skilled opponents. Scoring will be at the discretion of the center referee with 2 judges available for conferring, all three being survivors of knife encounters. The use of a marking knife will be employed and red marking product. Each participant will wear a plain white Tshirt and goggles (supplied), groin protection (they must supply), and will be supplied with a marking knife. Fighters will be placed back to back 6’ apart. When the referee drops his hands and says fight, fighting commences.

    Target areas are only those areas considered to be “fight ending”. This would include any area of the torso (including back and groin) but not arms, legs or head (for safety reasons). Any slash or stab to the target areas will be counted as a “fatal” point. Cuts to the hands, arms or legs , while potentially fatal, will not count as they could be survived.

    Disarms will count for a point reduction against the other fighter however will not end
    the fight and will not be immediately returned. In reality, a fighter could be disarmed yet still skillful enough to not be finished, still ahead on points and last out the round while defending himself. Also, he can still disarm his opponent (at which point time will be stopped and blades returned to both and restarted) or he can disarm and use his opponents weapon against him finishing the round.

    Due to the extreme nature and speed at which these rounds will occur, only one 30 second round will be employed. The winner will be determined at the end of the round by a count of “cuts” to the defined target areas. The fighter with the least fatal cuts (least blood) will be determined by the referee. A caveat to this will be that if one fighter maneuvers his opponent in to a non-recoverable position as deemed by the referee, the fight will be called lost at that point if it is plainly evident.

    Light to medium grappling, holds, locks and takedowns are all legal techniques. However, if techniques become too excessive, action will be stopped and fighters restarted from standing for safety concerns.

    Overt striking with the empty hand is not allowed. Checks to any part of the body(excluding head) are allowed but not if used as an overt strike.

    The punyo may be used but not as a striking implement.

    Arbitration – All decisions of the center referee are final. Rounds will be recorded and he will have the option of watching video as well as conferring with the consulting judges but only at his discretion. This event is not about winners but more about survivors.
  15. patrickdpr

    patrickdpr New Member

    We won't be there this year after all, hope you guys have fun though!
  16. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    Ah, that's too bad Patrick. We were looking forward to see in you again.

    Just ordered the live blade prizes over the weekend too. Pics posted after they arrive.
  17. littlebadboy

    littlebadboy Junior Member

    How much is the joining fee?
  18. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    The registration form is attached below by Datu Hartman but here are the costs to enter.

    $35 for 1 event
    $40 for 2 events
    $45 for 3 events
    $50 for 4 events
    $5 extra for combat knife division (white Tshirt used)
    $5 Spectator Fee
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  19. littlebadboy

    littlebadboy Junior Member

    Is there a deadline to register? I might have my 12-year old son to accompany me. Will he be considered as a spectator? Thanks!

    What would be the schedule for the tournament day? What time should the players be in? Just asking coz I live a bit far.
  20. NAGA

    NAGA Member


    Hello All,
    The seminar series the day before starts at 10:00 A.M. and is $50 if you are competing, $65 if you are not or $20 per section. The tournament itself I would prefer preregistration, but in this economy I am keeping prices as is, even up too the door. Nevertheless, no checks will be taken the day of and registration at the door starts at 8:30 A.M. ends at about 9:45 A.M. and we start at 10:00 A.M. sharp......

    More information soon....

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