Chi Sau-Sticking hands

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    Now we are going to talk about Chi Sau. It is a very important part of Wing Chun. (Chi means ‘stick’ and Sau means ‘hands’, together they mean ‘Sticking Hands’.) You can almost say that if someone’s Chi Sau is not good, their Wing Chun will not be good. Today we are going to show you some movements in this theme.

    Students of Wing Chun need to develop sensitivity and correct skill, and this is why Sticking Hands is practiced. It is an exercise in which people work in pairs to train their technique, position and sensitivity. It allows both partners to learn the basics of fighting skill without hurting each other. Both partners should be relaxed and should not try to hit each other. They should be focusing on their positioning and the correct use of energy.

    You can practice either Single or Double Sticking Hands.

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