Case Study: Jihadi IP Knife Attack

Discussion in 'Dog Brothers Martial Arts' started by Crafty Dog, Apr 24, 2017.

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    Some initial observations:

    a) The jihadi walks in but does not attack right away. Easy to let one's guard down.

    b) 00:51

    c) 01:09 Light Green (?) shirt senses something is wrong-- perhaps sound we cannot hear due to the absence of sound track?

    d) by 01:11 he is stepping into a full on attack. OUTSTANDING rapid escalation and serious brass balls!

    e) 01:12 unfortunately he is getting stabbed almost instantly-- the under hook response does not turn out well here!

    f) 01:13 man in shirt and tie comes flying in (was he where attack began at 01:09?) Notice how chaotic movement is! What does structure recognition feel like in this moment? Time for "Third Party Intervenor" material! Tripping over the jihadi probably was not part of the plan!

    g) 01:16 Stabbee #1 is holding back of head, back of neck. Post incident notice the failure of all concerned to apply pressure.

    Hard to tell what happens from here forward.

    I would note the rapid and fearless response of the two men here. In my experience and in my sense of things, this is rare and not to be counted upon. Can the fact that this is Israel explain a cultural difference?
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