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    Hello, yeah I agree with you & the one thing that I do like about the line of CRKT fixed blades are that they are cheap. With them all being full tanged knives this means that you can slam them through pretty much anything and you know that they will not collapse, the tip may break off because of slightly inferior materials used in its manufacture but for $30 - $50 U.S. Dollars who can complain? This is why I primarily use them as "throw aways" once out and in play I do not care if it goes home with me or not as long as it helps me meet my end goal objective which is to survive the combative situation.

    I have to say that I really do like the CRKT "Bear Claw", not only is it my EDC ground knife it is also my closed confinement knife which I carry in my Hummer in case anything ever goes down inside the vehicle, it is more than small enough to move it around in the vehicle without hitting the steering wheel, dash board, rear view mirror, console or anything else that larger knives would be hindered by.

    Go well, ciao.

    Guro Dave Gould.
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    I don't know why they decided to discontinue the model. I actually had looked at it before and was close to getting it then.
  3. Brian R. VanCise

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    Hey Dave,

    Some times less expensive is good! ;) I have a CRKT M1 that I enjoy a lot. While not a primary folding knife it serves as a backup in one of my concealed pistol carry options. The only knock on it is I have to activate the extra locking mechanism with my thum but still it is an excellent knife for the price! ;) All of the CRKT models that I have known have gone through real working abuse. ie. everyday cutting, etc. and they are good knives! Just not on the same level as a BenchMade!
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    Bill, Yeah brother I have had several Emerson Commanders from 1996 - 2005 models and they have all failed me numerous times resulting in slipping the locking mechanism and collapsing, primarily on impact. Any pressure placed on the blade allows the index finger to nudge the liner-lock to the side where the blade by passes the lock. My only fault with the Commander is the locking mechanism as I like everything else about the knife, if Emerson would correct this with a "rolling-lock" or an "axis-lock" I would surely carry one as my primary folding carry. It has not just happened to me but to numerous other practitioners whom I know and have trained with to include numerous students of mine. I have had them close on me by accidently coming into contact with elbows, blade to blade contact, disarms with pressure being applied to the blade with someones forearm or knife blade and even by a parry to the blade. Because of the high ratio of failure that I have personally experienced over the years, I see it as the "Pinto" of fighting knives. I know that you like this knife Bill, just know that I have no political agenda with Emerson or his knives, I am just stating my unbias experiences with them, and to be honest if even one failure is reported it should gravely concern you, much less numerous accounts of failure.
    Guro Dave

    I know there is no blade that will be the favorite of all.. I like my emersons due to the way I have handled them in times of need.. I have never tried the commander line of emerson knives, but have heard stories from people who have had nothing but trouble with them even on the emerson forums from Bladeforums.. I guess I have been fortunate in the examples of my emerson picks.. But then again, I try all locking mechanisms before I even buy the blade.. I had an emerson karambit clone fail on me one time when I did the lock test, wound up taking 10 stitches in the area between the thumb and forefinger, but that is another story...

    I have thought about getting a Polkowski blade over the last few years, but recent developments outlined on Bladeforums have indicated that there has been a federal case set in motion against Al due to not not delivering products and accepting monetary payments (bladeforums source).. THere have been indications that Polkowski hasn't provided people their products in a couple of years, so that might be a problem..

    I have been working with a bladesmith on the east coast that has been giving me excellent service and provided me with the blades that I have done some tweeking on the design to suit my purposes.. My first design was a integral design that I can carry IWB and sports a 6 inch blade that has been bead blasted and then gunkoted for the protection against the humidity here.. It has been a great daily carry, as I also have had one made with a 7 inch blade with sharpened false edge with the same designs.. I also have had some non metallic neck knives made by this gentleman which were made out of G-10 and have the same configuration so I can carry them in IWB also..

    I carry a fix blade in my bug out bag/gear bag for the job as well as a tac folder on a daily basis and will do so until I get tired of doing the job..

    Last but not least, I am working on a new design blade for the use in the dekiti tirisia siradas system of eskrima so it will be specifically labled as a knife of choice for this system.. I figured that if some of the other systems decide to go that route, why shouldn't we..

    Later all
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    Folding Knives

    I often recommend and carry fixed blade knives for defensive purposes. Due to the fact that there is an issued submachine gun and/or automatic rifle in my vehicle right next to my issued body armor, and I wear a handgun and spare magazines on my belt all day, a knife is hardly my primary means of defense. However, I have used and tested many folding knife designs, and written a few magazine articles regarding some of them. Having a friend or two in the knife making industry, I have also seen the results of knife company funded, scientific (repeatable, machine based) testing as well as the results of my own hand-held testing. Personally, I don't often care for Benchmade products. I have a few, but usually prefer other manufacturers, due to personal preferences in regards to knife design and other issues. The Axis lock is a fine lock, but, as in any lock, it can fail. The Omega spring is usually, but not always, the point of failure when one goes. The Spyderco Compression Lock; Spyderco's version of the venerable lockback design (with great attention to fit and finish--I have an Endura trainer that is well over ten years old and which has been used in thousands of hours of training and it is still going strong); the Spyderco Caged Ball Bearing lock; the Cold Steel (design by Andrew Demko) Tri-Ad lock, and others from other companies are all incredibly robust and suitable for martial use. I have seen some of the test results on these and the foot pounds of pressure that are necessary to destroy the locks are truly impressive. The Axis lock is in this martial use category as well, and does very well. As for Emerson, I quite like many of his designs and have not been able to cause one of his liner locks to fail by gripping the knife, or when using or training with any knife of his design. I have worn out a liner lock on one of his karambits to the point that it was starting to slip (the blade was still unable to close when "locked", but the lock was going to fail soon), but this illustrates one of the good things about Emerson Knives, the customer service. Emerson stands by their lifetime warranty and my knife was repaired for free and back to me, good as new, within seven days.

    I recommend testing any folding knife that you carry on a periodic basis. Things wear, and locks will eventually wear out. Always make sure that the knife you carry is fully functional. Also, since everyone's hand shape, grip, and martial usage is a bit different, what works for one person may not work for another. Some will disengage a lock by accident due to the way they grip a knife or find a knife uncomfortable in their hand when others swear it is the very definition of comfort and ergonomics. Of course, if you choose to carry a fixed blade, all you have to worry about is keeping it sharp and keeping the sheath in good working order. There are so many more points of failure possible in a folder, and we really do carry them for ease of carry and concealment rather than because of any superiority in function to a fixed blade.
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    I like Spyderco designs as well and have not been able to get the lock to fail though I have tried. I have an Endura and Delica and I love the blade design and have no issue with the locking mechanism. In fact the leaf shaped blade design that they use is probably my favorite design out there. What I don't like about them is the handle design. The lack of any kind of choil makes it way too easy to slide forward on the thrust which is unacceptable in a SD knife in my view. I tried for several months to find an original Manix to no avail as it is a discontinued product.
  7. Guro Dave Gould



    Thanks for the heads up on Polkowski, although I have never had problems receiving any of my blades from him it does not mean that others have had the same success. Actually I just received my last knife from him about 8 months ago which was a Custom Kasper "Bull Dog". A student of mine got a couple of "Companions" and I had him order the "Bulldog" for me. The order was placed in Feb 2009 and we received them around Jan 2010, it was about an 11 month waiting period, as I stated before when ordering from him expect a long wait as he does all of his knives himself, so it does take some time. He also makes alot of knives for knife shows and for knife distributors who sale custom blades on their websites and this can cause a delay due to volume. Again I do not know the circumstances of the other gentlemen who are awaiting there orders from him as I can only speak on my personal experiences with him and his company and to date I have had no problems what so ever.

    If you do not want to take the chance on ordering one with him directly or possibly you want your kinfe faster than placing an order directly with him, you can always go onto some of the custom blade websites and buy his knives which have already been made and delivered to their distribution outlets for direct sale.

    Here are a few distributors which have some of his custom knives currently in inventory for sale to the general public: (Currently 4 in stock) (Currently sold the last 15 they had but check back often as they get his pieces regularly). (Currently sold the last two they had but check back often as they get his pieces regularly). (Currently sold the last three which they had but again check back soon as they get his pieces regularly). (Currently sold the last four which they had but again check back soon as they get his pieces regularly). (Currently 1 in stock)

    He is a popular knifemaker so it is very difficult to get your hands on his pieces which is why I said in my initial post that a lengthy waiting period was expected but his work is well worth the wait.

    Go well, ciao.

    Guro Dave Gould.
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    You wrote:

    *** Due to the fact that there is an issued submachine gun and/or automatic rifle in my vehicle right next to my issued body armor, and I wear a handgun and spare magazines on my belt all day, a knife is hardly my primary means of defense. ***

    No offense but If the rest of us enjoyed your priveledges we would not need knives either... Even with the Government issueing submachine guns, automatic rifles, semi automatic handguns and body armor to its Federal Agents to protect themselves from normal law abiding citizens, I find it ironic that the Government would not want us, its citizens to even be armed with a knife. Government on a Local, State and Federal level just seems too big these days and they enjoy too many privelidges which are denied to us, its constituancy. It seems as if they have forgotten who gave them power in the first place and who has delegated them the right to speak on behalf of the people and look after the interests of the people. No offense intended KaliGman just an observation.

    Out of curiosity KaliGman with access to so many other resources what captured your interest in the Filipino Warrior Arts in the first place? And what in specific keeps you training in them?

    Be well, ciao.

    Guro Dave Gould.
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  9. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    My Delica failed in an unexpected manner. :eek: I was using it to crack open a bunch of boxes, and then used isopropynol to clean off the sticky gunk that had collected on the blade. Unfortunately I was cleaning it tip-up instead of tip-down so all the gunk that I was trying to get off the blade dripped down in to the works and gummed up the mechanism. I think its best to say that I have a Delica fixed blade now...
  10. silat1

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    Guro Dave,
    I have nothing but high regards for Al's knives because of the reputation that they have had.. My posting was not to degrade Al's personality or products, but to relay what has been brought up on another forum.. I first got into the Polkowski knife line after reading a lot of information with Bob Kaspar and his Knicom program.. He had high regards for them, but due to my location and financial situation at the time, it was more like a kid looking through the window of a candy store.. I am still looking for my first Polkowski as I still am in the market for it.. I just finished reading Bob Kaspar's Sting of the Scorpion and that further whet my appetite on the knife acquisition, who knows Christmas is just around the corner and I might find a Polkowski in my coconut stocking..
  11. Guro Dave Gould



    Actually I am glad that you mentioned it to me. Since you posted I have spent several hours investigating the possibility that what you stated could be true, so I read the postings on for myself. It would be sad if it were true, in which case I would still have a very tough time believing the accusations being made primarily because of my personal dealings with him over the years as a very satisfied customer. Not to mention the fact that I have known too many people whom have done business with him as well over the years for me to believe that he would just over night start deceiving his clients and risk damaging beyond repair a business that he has spent more than 20 years building for himself and in the process has made a very respectable reputation for himself and his custom knives.

    I hope that he has not taken ill as some are speculating. He is getting on in years and he will not be with us forever and once he is gone his mastery of knife making goes with him. Which makes me all the happier that I have 3 of his custom pieces, as a matter of fact in light of what is happening I think that I will try and get another piece before it may be too late to do so in the near future. I am extremely satisfied with the "Companion", "Scorpion" and "Bulldog" but I have had my eye on the "Pug" for a little while and maybe it is a good time to try and find one just in case.

    Again thanks for bringing this to my attention Bill, I am very appreciative I can assure you. As well good luck to you in acquiring one of his blades for your very own.

    Guro Dave Gould.
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  12. silat1

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    Guro Dave,
    I hope the postings concerning Al Polkowski are not true also.. I know of several bladesmiths who have been the target of bad comments of customers because of situations outside of the control of them.. As we both know, health issues are something that we can't control as we progress in age.. I know that one of the custom knife makers I had dealings with in the past was the ridicule of these types of comments when he was going through medical treatment and fell behind the power curve as far as orders being filled.. He finally started filling the orders even while recuperating and although his line is a lot smaller than it used to be, it still is a good product..

    I have one of his bowie knives that was made prior to this medical situation and over the years, the stag handle developed a hairline crack in it, when I called him to see if he could fix it, he said sure and would even redo the handle with updated material if I wanted..

    In my book, the bladesmith that maintains contact with his customers and offers to support them after the buy is top notch in my book and that is what makes me a returning customer after all these years..
  13. jwinch2

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    Unexpected to be sure Carol. I have had zero problems with my spydercos. I just always feel like I am going to slide forward on them to easily.
  14. gagimilo

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    Wow, what a great topic! Where I live, the size of the knife plays significant role, not so much because of the legal regulations, but rather for the simple fact that you don't wanna be conspicuous while carrying. Therefore, I mostly carry Cold Steel Voyager on me, but I also have and like very much a CRKT M16. while it seems to offer better lock (liner lock accompanied with another protective mechanism to prevent the liner from failing) and "hilt", my complaint is that it is a tip down carry when on a pocket clip, while I prefer tip up.
  15. Guro Dave Gould



    Hello, its good to see you posting. I agree with you in that most peolple who carry folders do so for the very reason that you and Rickard G. have noted, they would prefer to carry a fixed blade but because it pronounces while being worn this factors into their decision to carry a folding knife as not to pronounce, which is why the Folders were first introduced in the first place.

    I have to say though that the reason which I like my Polkowski "Companion" is that it is small enough and thin enough that it does not pronounce when being worn inside the waistband of my pants. This allows me the convenience to conceal capability from anyone who intends to do me harm and gives me the security that only a fixed blade can offer me in terms of combative effect.

    As for tip-up or tip-down carry options concerning "Folders", I train both and will just make a mental note of which one I happen to be carrying that day. for tip-up blades I position in the back corner of my front pocket for easy access and deployment and for tip-down blades I position in the front corner of my front pocket for the same reasons. Also note that you may have the opportunity to "rob" your opponent of his blade if he is standing close enough to you by reaching down and deploying his weapon before he gets a chance to do so himself, thereby stopping a probable deadly confrontation before it has a chance to get started. When robbing your opponents weapon you will need to be versed in both tip-up and tip-down deployment options as you do not dictate which one he may carry.

    Its good to hear from you Dragan, go well.

    Guro Dave Gould.
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  16. Jack Latorre

    Jack Latorre Siyam

    Hello All--

    Like many of you, handle design is a big consideration to prevent that pesky 'sliding up on the blade' danger.

    Some of the folders that I've liked whose handles have taken that into consideration have been:
    -CRKT's M-21 and M16.
    -Spyderco's Goddard (if you can find the micarta handle version, that kudos to you).
    -Spyderco's Native (although I wish they would make a longer model).
    -Spyderco's P'Kal (the indents in the handle are quite comfortable akin to the Native).
    -Cold Steel's Ultimate Hunter Folder.
    -Cold Steel's Rajah and Spartan.

    Blade geometry also plays a factor. For stabbing and thrusting, I prefer to stay away from tanto points. The tanto design is a strong one, but can be very particular as to the angle of penetration if we are talking about a particularly dense material. I like spear points for this reason. As far as blade geometry, I like:
    -Again, CRKT's M-21 and M-16.
    -Spyderco's Goddard.
    -Spyderco's Native.
    -Cold Steel's Recon.

    Of course, it may well be your while to have something custom designed to meet your needs. I have two fixed blades that fit my criteria quite nicely and are great values.


    Jack A. Latorre
  17. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    I have a boat load of knives, some good, some knock offs..straight blades etc. and WHEN I carry it usually goes back to a regular old buck 110 shoved down in a pocket. It's a good work knife and has some heft. Hell half the time I walk out the door with out even worry about carrying. The odler I get the less I worry about all that stuff....if I am gonna carry something I prefer a nice pistol and of course my walking stick...Over the years I carried everything from expensive Al Mar to Cold Steel..CRKT etc...I have lost as many as I have owned to...funny how that I figure that good old buck 110 is good enough...I prefer shooting to cutting and running to anything else...LOL . .
  18. jwinch2

    jwinch2 Member

    Agreed. A good set of PF Flyers might be the best investment to make from a tactical standpoint.
  19. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    I can relate to the carrying of a buck 110, I carried one for the major part of my first 3 overseas assignments and on deployment.. They were common in the exchange and I used one for damn near everything that required a good sharp object.. For the most part, the buck 110 was used to crack the seals on the airtight containers we used when we would have to travel to Korea by plane and the pressure in the cans would actually create a vacuum which collapsed the rubber seal.. I used the 110 as a pry bar after I punctured the seal..

    I used it to work on my car, jump start it on the solenoid when the starter would give me troubles and cut wire to string com-lines between the command post and our emergency room when we were on the ground and in bare base conditions.. I still have one that I bought in Alabama in 81 while going through EOD school and when I would walk the streets of Manila from time to time..

    Good knives that the Buck Company made back in the days and was a top name for heavy duty blades for the common working man
  20. chfroehlich

    chfroehlich Junior Member


    laws in Germany regarding blades are tough.

    You are not allowed to carry a 1-hand-folder regardless of the bladesize and you are not allowed to carry a fixed blade with a blade-size larger than 4.33. The fine is between 1 and 10.000€ (depending on the officer and your criminal-record)

    Therefore I only carry fixed blades under 4.33 inches now.

    Guro Dave showed me his Crawford knife while his last visit here in Germany and I liked it a lot.
    Not having the money to buy a custom, I bought the CRKT Crawford Companion
    It's an awesome knife for a good price.

    I like the Fred Perrin La Griffe in the Semi-Costum version from Boker
    Little nice knife and I wear it as a backup.

    The Cold Steel Roach Belly is an awesome knife for the price. I like the thumbrest and and hilt. The length of the blade is perfect for german law. I invested in a costum-kydex-sheat with a small Teklok.

    Once in a while I carry one of the 2 TOPS Knives I own.

    Street Scalpel

    Little Bro

    Both of them are pretty thick but lack a kind of hilt, so I carry them most of the time for Reverse-grip drawing.

    While in office, I only wear the Perrin La Griffe (under the shirt) and a little folder (Benchmade Mel Pardue 530 with an Axis-Lock).


    Weared a lot of different knives in the office (Strider SnG, Emerson SOCFK, Cold Steel Voyager, etc.) but the Benchmade 530 is accepted most as a gentlemens folder. For the locking-mechanism I like Axis and Frame-lock. I too had problems with Liner-Locks (unfortunately with my Emerson SOCFK which I loved) and back-locks.

    With every knife I carry I pratice drawing (solo training and sometimes, if available, with a skilled partner). One of the lessons from Guro Dave I cherished most is the necessity to practice quickdraws as the knife is useless unless you are able to bring it into play as fast as possible.



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