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Discussion in 'Gear Talk!' started by Muad Dib, Mar 20, 2009.

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    Hey everyone.

    Several years ago I read an article in some MA magazine in which Dan Inosanto had a standing aparatus of several car tires bound together and ratan sticks protruding from between them at various heights. Is anyone familiar with such a beast? I'm very VERY interested in building something like that. Sort of a "Muk Joon" or wooden dummy...but for FMA.

    ANY recomendations or directions on how to build a training tool like this ((or ANYTHING similar in use or purpose)) would be MUCH appreciated!
  2. In Bahad Zu'bu we use a training device which I find very useful.

    It's two 4ft staffs suspended at sternum / knee height. You need two pieces of twine with a bit of give to them. One is horizontall and tied to this is the piece that is wrapped round the sticks vertically. It is a great tool for footwork and accuracy.

    Here is a video showing the device:
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    A 56 inch stick tied to a rope supported in the air works equally well for the purpose. It basically gives you two 28 inch sticks on each side striking at you. When you strike one 28 inch side the other comes at you with the force you gave it and makes you react. Put a tennis ball in the middle and you have a thrusting target, but be careful because even then one of the sticks will usually come at you.

    By the way, if you are not careful you can loose teeth on this apparatus.
  5. Sounds very familiar!

    Watch out for the eyes too! When showing me the device Master Yuli told me that I should buy goggles and padding. He also said to watch out for my teeth as "Foreigners like their teeth" heh heh heh.

    It is definitely harder than it looks as many people who have hit it for the first time and had it swing round and clock them can atest! What I like about it as I'm tall I want to work my close-in game.

    You can not chamber the stick by your ear or something as you will get hit. The distance and time is too much. So your stick is always in front of you monitoring the situation. If you use two sticks you have to use footwork. When you hit the top one the bottom one moves as well. Be careful of groin shots though!

    Here is another vid showing the appartus:
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    You definately have to bring you stick back when you hit or you will eat wood. It is great for training when you want to do combat. If you want to look pretty, stick to the pole or bolted tire, they won't hit you back.
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    That is a fun apparatus! [​IMG]
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    Did you?
  9. Muad Dib

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    Yes and no.
    I didn't build THAT... but something similar. Just one pvc pipe suspended from it's center under a tree limb. I showed that video to my instructor and he liked the idea, but wants me to "build up to that" I'm beginning with much simpler stuff. Still...I'm wanting to construct other training devices, like a make-shift "Mook Jun" (sp?) and such things. I found the magazine article in which Inostanto is using the tires & sticks contraption I was speaking of. The hardest part is simply going to be getting enough tires....and a place that my wife will let me stack'm. :D

    In the meantime, I'm just enjoying being a beginner again.
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    Put the devise on a spring and try and get under it for 2 seconds without getting hit. On a spring, it adds a whole new demension of pain/needed dental work.

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