Captain Chris

Discussion in 'General' started by adam t babb, Apr 6, 2009.

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    "Captain" Pizzo

    I think this guy used to be "Lieutenant X," at least the marketing hype sounds the same. Maybe he promoted himself? At this rate, he could make "General BS Artist" before he is through:Flush:.

    Anything that advertises something for nothing is pretty much a scam. The hype about "not having to sweat" or practice, and "mastering the training in a weekend" is just hype. You don't learn anything worthwhile without putting effort into it. Really learining how to defend yourself involves work and training. But hey, maybe I'm missing something, since I don't train mercenaries and assassins like the good "Captain" claims to be doing. :toilet_cl

    From what I have heard and seen regarding this guy and "his system," it looks like World War II Combatives stuff done badly and then overhyped so that it can be marketed to those who want to be "instant Rambo." World War II Combatives can be very effective if trained correctly. The key is training. Someone who claims you can be effective after a weekend, and never mentions practicing the moves to "make them yours" in any of his advertisements seems a bit full of it. "Fear No Man?" I fear the good Captain is eyeing the contents of my wallet with a hungry look in his eye and a badly filmed DVD that he wants to sell me.
  3. Killbot

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    What the hell did I just read? I want my three minutes back.

    Whether its a good system or not, the marketing is WAY over the top.

    Why am I not suprised....
  4. adam t babb

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    reminds me of a guy i once knew. he watched a video on ti chi then a hour later he clamed to be a expert at it and was teaching it at his dojo
  5. adam t babb

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    hey i know how to kerate chop,elbow, palm strike, finger jab,knee strike, whip kick some one. Do i get to call myself major pain(note the play on the movie).
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    It looked like alot of guys holding back from stabbing him in the promo. Why would a person hold back the knife and punch you with their hand? Answer: they wouldn't. He'd have been dead at least three times in the promo.
  9. adam t babb

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    he would not be able to sell the video if coulden't block it(no one whants to learn a bad technique
  10. adam t babb

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    if type in Lieutenant X in your search browser you find Captain Chris
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    He'll be on the finally on Spike's: Deadliest Warrior as the best of them of all PERIOD!

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