Cacoy Doce Pares 2007 World Championships

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  1. Hi guys, I'm just about to leave to compete in the Cacoy Doce Pares 2007 Arnis/eskrima World Championships, hope to see you there. This is the first time I will have competed in a world championships and my first time over seas. I am looking foward to meeting, competing with and watching other eskrimadors and arnisadors from all over the world.
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    Good Luck! Hope you do well :)
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    Good luck! Please keep us updated!
  4. Hi Guys, Im back from The World Championships in Jakata and brought home 2 gold and 1 silver, it was an awesome experiance and I cant wait to do it again.
    I would also like to pay my respect to Grand Master Vince Palumbo who made it all possible, he once said making a fighter is like making a sword, you need to keep hammering it until finally it becomes a razor sharp instument of war. Boy did he hammer us.
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    Wow, that's great! Any pictures?
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    Well done you guys and congratulations on GM Vince Palumbo receiving his 9th Grade Grand Master rank from GM Cacoy at the event too as well as him picking up an untold amount of medals and having 20 fights I beleive in one day:coolyello

    Awsome, still the hardest person I every fought and looks as though he is still a beast.

    Great stuff

    Best regards

  7. Yes I have pictures and they also had a tv camera crew there for the duration of the championships so there will be footage made available to us.
  8. Thank you, it was a real experiance seeing Grand Master Vince in action.
    I will pass on your congratulations to him and I know holds you in the highest regard.

    I am hoping that I will the opporntunity to meet you and train under you in the future.

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