Cacoy Canete Challenged?

Discussion in 'Doce Pares' started by arnisador, Apr 6, 2006.

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    Uy accepts Cacoy’s arnis challenge set today

    The story is over a year old. Did anything come of this? It seems a bit silly...almost like a publicity stunt.
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    I think the Mayor got involved and put a stop to it.
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    It hinted in the story that that might occur. Sheesh! Challenging an 80+ year old man to a stick fight! How old is Bonifacio Uy?
  4. oosh

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    Hmm not too sure to be honest. Even at 80+ I wouldn't want to mess with Cacoy Canete that's for sure ! :D
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    Uy and Canete

    What I've heard (i.e. hearsay):

    Uy was Canete's student for many years. He is probably in his early 60's. The dispute between the two stems in part from Uy's statements regarding Cacoy's truthfulness about some challenge matches that Cacoy fought many, many years ago wherein Cacoy claimed that he did xyz technique. Uy said, in effect, "It couldn't have possibly have happened that way," and Cacoy, his honor impugned, challenged Uy to a match. In this context, it makes sense that Cacoy challenged Uy and Uy accepted. In any case, I think that the mayor said that he would have them arrested if either showed up and nothing came of it.

    There is a good thread on, I think, the MartialTalk forum wherein Bart Hubbard makes some interesting points about Filipino martial culture.


    Steve Lamade
  6. Pat OMalley

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    Loloy B D Uy is no young man and no slouch either, he still accepts challenges but hey that is the DP way. I think personally it payed well for the new GM Cacoy book that came out at the same time regadlerss of the outcome, and the outcome was, it never happened which is good as I would not have like to face either of them.

    Both great fighters and both top afficianados of the FMA.

    Best regards

  7. I was actually there for this challenge which was accepted by SGM. Cacoy Canete. The arguement was about wether or not SGM. Cacoy could have used what he called a Judo sweep in one of his earlier challenge matches as Judo had not been bought into the Philippines at the date of the challenge. SGM. Cacoy's reply to this was that he called what he did as a Judo sweep as that is what it became known as once Judo was introduced into the Philippines. The fact that he used a leg sweep to down his opponent had nothing so much to do with Judo, it is what he did at the time of the fight, the technique became known as a Judo sweep some years later and this is how he referred to it in his writtings etc.

    The day of the challenge arrived and I had the honour to be in the vehical which transported Manong Cacoy to the University where the challenge match was due to take place. Whilst in the vehical Manong Cacoy took a cell phone call from the Mayor of Cebu who told Cacoy not to attend and that the challenge would be stopped by police. Manong Cacoy's reply was " I must still show up or, it will be seen as me backing down, I am Cacoy, I do not back down!". We continued to the venue and indeed were greeted by two SWAT team vans and about 20 fully armed SWAT officers.

    Manong Cacoy Canete, Dionisio Canete (sponsor of Loloy), Loloy and the Mayor of Cebu met in a school room along with news reporters where they discussed the situation for around 20 mins before all leaving and returning to their respective homes.

    There were a very large number of supporters from both groups (2 bus loads from SGM Cacoy's group). The University hall way was crammed with rival factions awaiting for what would happen.

    The challenge was carried out in the traditional formal way, by letter delivered to the house of Manong Cacoy Canete (two young kids riding a bycle delivered the letter) the week before the challenge date. I had the honour to witness the preperations for the challenge by Manong Cacoy over that coming week where he trained daily in a variety of possible situations he might find himself in and how he planned to defeat his challenger, including, one session when he requesting that his old Judo uniform be bought to him (this request stunned all those who were around on that day as he had not used this gi for over 40 years) so that he could work on some Judo techniques including a number of chokes which my then student, Tom Barlow who visited was visiting HQ with me at the time (now my business partner and Multi International Gold Medal Winning BJJ practitioner and teacher) assisted Manong Cacoy as he prepared to use Ju-Jitsu choke holds if the fight went to ground or, he got into a situation where he was in close control of his opponent.

    For me, this was a very special moment and one not recorded until now. I had the honour to witness the last challenge of Manong Cacoy Canete.

    GM. Anton St'James
    Cacoy Doce Pares UK
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