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Discussion in 'Serrada' started by Far Walkers Moon, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. robertlk808

    robertlk808 Member

    paulb3 - ill check with a friend, i think his brother is on the big island. Ill send you a PM.
  2. platypus

    platypus New Member

    Alan Gantala claims to have studied under Dentoy Revillar?
  3. Dagadiablo

    Dagadiablo New Member

    He doesn't claim it, he has...
  4. platypus

    platypus New Member

    Oops. Apologies. I should have chosen my words more carefully.

    Does he teach SLD?
  5. Dagadiablo

    Dagadiablo New Member

    I haven't spoken to Alan in a while. But no, I don't think he does. I don't thing Manong Denny has given him that privilege--I'm not too sure, though.

  6. platypus

    platypus New Member

    Manong Denny?
  7. pguinto

    pguinto New Member

    Jimmy (err, Master Tacosa) is currently in Oahu, not the Big Island. This is a fact, as i have spoken to him personally on the phone just last month...

    As for the school in Hilo, i believe one of the TC/E Elders is heading the classes. The classes should be sufficient for learning the basics of serrada as well as getting good practice to get somewhat proficient. If u are on the B.I., attending those classes can/will eventually lead to an introduction to the master (and i profess, he is one of the nicest fellas one can meet).

    However, if u wish to contact Master Tacosa for "personal" and/or "advanced" instruction , you may do so via the webmaster @

    Just ask the webmaster to forward the message.

    - Master Dentoy Revilar = Denny
    - Master Jaime Tacosa = Jimmy

    Looks obvious to me

    Next time i contact jimmy, i'll ask him who you can contact that is on the Big Island and certified to teach serrada...
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  8. platypus

    platypus New Member

    It is obvious. I was just a bit off-put with making up your own nickname for Dentoy Revillar. "Dentoy" is already his nickname, as "Jimmy" is to "Jaime". But I'm guessing you all are very close to him and thus allowed to call an elder by any name you choose.

    I grew up in a world where one addressed elders a tad bit more respectfully, but then again I am just an old dog, so please pardon my dismay.
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  9. jbyrd808

    jbyrd808 New Member

    Howzit Everyone, I am a Tacosa Cadena student under Virgil Neveras. I have been observing the threads lately and wanting to become involved with discussions.

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