Buffalo - Niagara Laban Laro 11 - April 20, 2013

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  1. James Miller

    James Miller Member Supporting Member

    West Seneca (Buffalo), NY. will host the Buffalo - Niagara Laban Laro XI.

    Sayow (Weapon Forms)
    Point Stick Fighting
    Continuous Stick Fighting

    For those who are interested in participating at this event contact Datu Hartman at: Datu@PresasArnis.com

    For more information contact Datu Hartman at:
    Horizon Martial Arts
    280 Center Rd
    West Seneca, New York 14224



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  2. James Miller

    James Miller Member Supporting Member

    It is official, The Legends of FMA Tour will be apart of the Laban Laro! Grand Masters Michael Giron, Datu Tim Hartman, Max Pallen & Bobby Taboada will be present at the tournament and will be teaching a seminar on Sunday. Tournament participants will receive a discount on the seminar.


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