Bruce Lee: Years of GarField High School

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    Bruce Lee made a powerful impression on one of the students of Garfield High School, where he was an occasional guest lecturer. He arrived one day, looking cool with Amy Sanbo on his arm, to give a talk on Chinese philosophy. He didn’t even notice Linda Emery, an athletic girl of seventeen, but she was taken enough to ask the girl beside her who he was. Her friend, a Chinese-American girl named Sue Ann Kay, replied that Bruce was the guy who was teaching her kung fu.

    During one busy evening training session Taky took a call from James Lee in Oakland. Allen Joe had given an impressive report on Bruce and James now asked if Bruce would like to come down to Oakland and teach a few classes. A week or so later Bruce set off. He had difficulty reading the American roadmaps he wondered if his 20/400 vision might be getting even worse and would occasionally get lost on the coast road, but after nearly sixteen hours and 810 miles, the ‘police car’ arrived in Oakland.

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