Brisbane Stick Fighting Event 9th Jan 2010

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  1. Alan McFarlane

    Alan McFarlane New Member

    Saturday January 9, 2010 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Woolloongabba Rotary Park, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
    First gathering for 2010, Saturday 9th of Jan.

    You are officially invited to the first Brisbane Stick Fighting Escrima Gathering for the year 2010.
    Detailed below is a little information about the format for the day. It should be a great day!

    Suggested Format:

    Low Armor (non-wekaf) That is Gloves, Head as primary protection with optional elbow, knee, groin protection. Fighter must bring their own protective equipment.

    Sticks for the event will be provided as we are going to use a standardised small to medium sized stick approx 17-19mm diameter.

    3 min rounds rotating between fighters, two fighters at a time with one Ref.

    Fighters pay respect at the begining and the end of each bout to their opponent.

    Fight stops if either fighter or Ref calls break or the timer signals the end of the round.

    With a preference for improving or our weapons based escrima skill and not MMA fighting Ref's will call break and separate the fighters after a trip or assisted take down or if either fighter clinches. Dumog shoving is allowed as are disarms. Downward thrusting from the chest down is allowed, no upward thrusting is allowed because or the grilled face plates. Kicking and punching is not allowed. It's not a boxing match it's stick fighting. No Punyo striking or double grip winding techniques are permitted.

    We have had some beginners particpate previously and as such for those that have limited experience we have the following format:

    Limited Vs Experienced:

    The format is the same as above except that both fighters can only target the hands. For new players this gives them an introduction into moving at range and sparring in a controlled exploratory manor.

    On the day we'll have a small chat about our expectations of the fighters just to make sure everyone is clear about leaving the ego at home, the day is about applying the fighting art in the sparring format mentioned above. We fight hard, and remain friends at the end of the bout, accepting any hit's we have taken as a sign of our own need for further development. Fighters particpate at their own risk and must acknowledge this before participating on the day (will most likely have an acknowledgement notice for people to sign on the day, waivers do not provide protection for particpants, however we can provide at least some documentation that particpents were advised about potentional risks before the event).

    If possible it would be good to have each fighter participate in a round each of single stick, double stick and knife. As with previous gatherings some fighters have chosen to enter into just the single stick bouts, that's fine. This will be up to each fighter.

    We will have an Eskee with Ice on the day, injuries have been limited in previous gatherings to bruising of varying levels. Anyone with Dit Da Jow is advised to bring it along as this has proven extremely effective for after care in previous gatherings.

    This is the first one for the year so don't miss out. Bring your own lunch and drinks and suncream.

    If you do not wish to particpate you are also welcome to come along and just watch. Photo's and Videos of the event is allowed. This is an open event, so Escrimadors from other systems are most welcome!

    If you do intend on particpating please contact me to give us an idea of numbers for the day.

    My email address is

    All the best and I hope to see you there!
  2. jezah81

    jezah81 Member

    Hi Alan,

    My friend Elwyn and I will be joining the madness on the 9th January, please check your email and get back to me if you need to.

    Kind regards,

    Jeremy Hagop
  3. Alan McFarlane

    Alan McFarlane New Member

    Thanks Jeremy,

    Have replied to your email.


  4. Fabrizio

    Fabrizio New Member

    Stick & knife fighters from the world

    hi Alan it's Fabrizio from
    if you want you can post your Brisbane stickfighting event on my social network,

    let me know

  5. Alan McFarlane

    Alan McFarlane New Member

    Update on todays event.

    Very sore at the moment in a good way.

    Todays sparring get together went really well, with a very nice bunch of folks with various backgrounds in Eskrima coming together to spar in single stick, double stick and knife.

    A lot of vids and photo's were taken and we'll post these when I get some copies of them.

    Big thank you to Neil "Orville" Wright who generously shared some FFS basics with the group which allowed for a great knife session.
    It was awesome to see Neil back in the mix and taking everyones head off.

    Overall it was a great day and everyone fought hard with good spirit and good intentions.

    Thank you also to Theresa and Rob who made the effort to travel so far for today.

    We'll be doing this again every fortnight on Sundays. I'll do up another invite tomorrow.
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  6. jezah81

    jezah81 Member

    Indeed, a great day was had by all! Thank you for a good day!

    Jeremy Hagop
  7. Alan McFarlane

    Alan McFarlane New Member

    Thank's Jeremy really glad you could make it (Your the first person I have seen be able to avoid Neils infamous head shots) and it was great (and painful) meeting Elwyn too.

    Will be in touch soon.

    All the best,

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  8. Alan McFarlane

    Alan McFarlane New Member

    Group Pic from the 9th

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